Perodua Myvi Gets ASA 2.0 Because As If It Needed Another Reason To Be The Best-Seller In The Country

Apart from the updated active safety, there’s also a reason to feel blue but in a good way

  • By: Dinesh
  • Wednesday, 15 July 2020
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Perodua Myvi Gets ASA 2.0 Because As If It Needed Another Reason To Be The Best-Seller In The Country

Safety always comes first and although the third-generation Myvi was the first Perodua to feature active safety under the Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) banner in 2017, it’s since fallen behind some of its brethren that have been launched with the updated ASA 2.0. Well, that’s now been rectified.

Perodua have previewed a facelifted Myvi that now features ADA 2.0 on the 1.5 AV and has also trickled down to the 1.5 H. Furthermore, ADA 2.0 has been made optional on the 1.3 X.

As a recap, ASA comprised Pre-Collision Warning (up to 30kph), Pre-Collision Braking (up to 30kph), Front Departure Alert and Pedal Misoperation Control.

The updated ASA 2.0 debuted in the Aruz last year and introduced Pedestrian Detection (up to 50kph) in addition to increasing the maximum functional speeds of Pre-Collision Warning to 100kph and Pre-Collision Braking to 80kph.

ASA 2.0 then found its way into the facelifted Axia and Bezza; the former making it the most affordable model in the country to feature active safety.

Safety aside, the refreshed Myvi also includes a new colour option is available for all variants. Electric Blue joins the palette; replacing the Peppermint Green and Mystical Purple. That means that Ivory White, Lava Red and Glittering Silver survived the voting process.

There aren’t any other changes to the specs. That also means that pricing for the base 1.3 G Manual is unchanged at RM41,292, as is the RM43,029 for the 1.3 G Automatic.

While the 1.3 X also doesn’t see an increase at RM44,959, it will climb by RM2,000 if you opt for the ASA 2.0 option and we sincerely hope that you do.

The 1.5 H sees a bump up in pricing to RM50,530 and the flagship 1.5 AV gets the same treatment at RM52,697. Bear in mind that these prices are inclusive of the 2020 sales tax exemption.

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