The City That Never Sleeps Is About To Give Its Competition Some Sleepless Nights

Honda Malaysia teases its new city slicker

  • By: Dinesh
  • Friday, 24 July 2020
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The City That Never Sleeps Is About To Give Its Competition Some Sleepless Nights

Honda Malaysia owns the B-segment here with its City. It wakes up in the morning and goes for a walk with the B-segment on a leash. That’s not about to change as the carmaker teased the all-new fifth-generation City on its Facebook page today, signaling the imminent arrival of its continued dominance against the likes of the Toyota Vios, Mazda 2 and Volkswagen Vento.

The B-segment sedan has already appeared in Thailand late last year before making its way to India recently and; presumably, will be arriving on our shores sooner rather than later. No dates or specs have been confirmed yet though but we can make some educated guesses based on the variants in other markets.

Seeing as how Honda Malaysia has thoroughly embraced small-displacement turbocharged engines as the flagship powertrains, you should go all in on your bets that the City will get the new 1.0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine offered in Thailand here as well.

It makes 120hp and 173Nm of torque. The current City and its 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated SOHC i-VTEC inline-four makes 118hp and 145Nm. So, presuming we’ll get the new engine, that’s a bump up of 2hp and 28Nm of torque. You’ll be shifting gears; or not shifting actually, with a CVT.

India however gets a different engine; an upgraded version of the existing 1.5-litre inline-four but with a DOHC head that makes 119hp and 145Nm of torque. It’s paired with a CVT as well.

The Indian market City might miss out on the joys of turbocharging but it compensates with a Honda’s LaneWatch system. You’ll find this feature in Malaysia on current models such as the Civic, Accord and CR-V. A camera on the left side-view mirror transmits a feed to the infotainment display when the signal stalk activates the left indicator to give the driver a better view of the left side of the vehicle.

You’ll also find an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment display that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

What you won’t find is Honda Sensing, it’s suite of active safety tech that can be found in some of its current models here. Honda has yet to introduce the tech in the new City. There’s a RS version though to satisfy your inner boy-racer.

Once launched in Malaysia, the new City will do its best to keep ahead of the competition such as the aforementioned Vios, 2 and Vento. The Vento already has a 1.2-litre, turbo-three engine that’s proven to be punchy and yet sips fuel at the same time so it’ll be interesting to see how the City’s similar powertrain measures up. Lest we forget, the new Nissan Almera will be making its way here soon as well, so expect some heated competition in the B-segment.

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