There’s Absolutely Nothing Stealthy About The Isuzu D-Max Stealth Except Its Powered Side Steps

For something carrying the Stealth name it’s pretty flashy but all the extra goodies more than justify the price

  • By: Dinesh
  • Thursday, 6 August 2020
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There’s Absolutely Nothing Stealthy About The Isuzu D-Max Stealth Except Its Powered Side Steps

Someone better send Isuzu Malaysia a dictionary because they seemed to have erroneously mixed up the definition of “stealth” with “flashy” for their limited-edition D-Max Stealth edition; as good a pick-up it is.

You see, stealth is defined as “designed in accordance with technology which makes detection by radar or sonar difficult.” The D-Max Stealth is anything but although you won’t find is passing on it.

This special edition is meant to celebrate the model’s 15th year anniversary in Malaysia, so of course it’s got to be flashy to the point of having reflective decals on the body. See what we mean about getting the meaning mixed up?

You would’ve noticed that there are two colours from the photos and the D-Max Stealth will be available in white and black but won’t be split evenly. Only 75 units of Silky White Pearl will be available while Stallion Black Metallic gets a higher allocation at 105 units for a total of 180.

It’s based on the existing D-Max Double Cab 1.9L 4×4 AT-Premium but gets some extra toys to set it apart. Cosmetically, black trim is applied generously around the exterior on; especially on the front grille. There’s even a matte silver accent line stretched across the grille between the headlight garnish. The blacked-out treatment extends to the rear bumper where it replaces the chrome finished found on the regular version. It rides on two-tone 18-inch wheels carrying the “Stealth” badging.

As mentioned earlier, the main party trick here is the power-retractable side steps that fold up nicely below the doors. Each side has two LED welcome lights and will extend outwards when the doors on the corresponding side is opened. Shut the doors and the steps will fold back up. According to Isuzu Malaysia, the load rating for each “Power Step” is about 100kg.

Put a foot on the Power Step and ease into the cabin that’s trimmed in a red and black combo with Stealth stitched onto the seats. Piano black finished is applied on the interior bits over the regular matte silver while the headliner has been given the blacked-out treatment as well.

There’s a touchscreen head-unit that supports Android Auto and serves as the display for the around view monitor. You’re able to switch between a full bird-eye view or pick from each of the four cameras to display individually. Just to be on the safe side, they also fitted front parking sensors that can be deactivated if the beeping turns annoying in traffic. They activate automatically below 20kph.

Completing the interior are a front and rear digital video recorder that is motion-activated. The rear DVR also has a tilt function that points the lens towards the cargo bed if you want to keep an eye on your precious cargo.

An option on the regular D-Max, the Stealth gets the spring-loaded tailgate as standard for easy opening and closing.

Unsurprisingly, there’s no performance upgrades. The engine remains the 1.9-litre turbodiesel paired to a six-speed automatic.

Pricing is RM125,799.20 for either colour and customers that purchase one in August 2020 will get a free sports bar for the bed or may top up RM2,000 for a V-lid cover that costs RM5,500. When asked how much the sports bar will cost after August, Isuzu Malaysia said they’re confident all 180 units will be sold by then so they didn’t work out the pricing.

Cocky but we can’t say they’re wrong.

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