There’s An Influx Of Proton X70s Into Flux’s Fleet For Subscription

You can just lease it or even lease-to-own starting at just RM1,975 for the 2020 X70

  • By: Dinesh
  • Friday, 7 August 2020
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There’s An Influx Of Proton X70s Into Flux’s Fleet For Subscription

The auto leasing industry in Malaysia is slowly picking up its pace but most of the carmaker-owned programmes understandably limit you to models from a single marque. If that’s a boner-killer for you, Flux is here to inject some interest back into your soft matter and keep you interested.

Flux is an all-inclusive multi-brand car subscription service (their own words and we concur) that includes all the hairy bits of car ownership such as the insurance, road tax, maintenance and wear & tear under the month subscription rate.

They’ve got a load of cars in their fleet with something for everyone and now there’s an influx of some local flavour with 10 units of the 2020 Proton X70 being inducted into their portfolio. All units are of the Premium 2WD specification and come in Snow White, Jet Grey or Space Grey colours.

This means you’ll be able to “Hi Proton” your X70 but you won’t be able to tell it that “you want to see the sky” because there’s no panoramic sunroof. Being the facelifted version, Flux’s X70 will have the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Part of your Flux subscription allows you the option of swapping cars during your tenure so you will always have the right car to fit your lifestyle. Their concierge delivers a door-to-door service and handles all administrative and maintenance matters on your behalf as well.

The RM1,975 a month lease here is for a three-year subscription; the lowest it will go, although you have the option of leasing for just a month or even a year. Bear in mind that shorter tenures will undoubtedly cost more monthly. In the spirit of Merdeka, Flux will waive the RM75 Reservation Fee for the month of August 2020.

The X70 is available immediately via Flux’s Subscribe to Own program as well that provides a guaranteed-future-value for your X70 following a subscription of 36-months if you so wish to purchase it outright.

After three years of leasing the X70, Flux will sell it to you for RM80,888. You can of course return the SUV and lease another model if the heart desires. We do however think you’ll like it enough to want to make it a permanent member of the family because it’s a fantastic SUV.

You can head on over to right now and reserve your X70 Premium 2WD while stocks last. Better hurry if you want it in your preferred colour. Do bear in mind that Flux estimates a delivery time around Malaysia Day; that’s 16 September and not 31 August for you mangkuk Malaysians.

For more information, get in touch with Flux Customer Service at or 03-6411-5611.

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