Mclaren Launched A Car That’s Understandbly Already All Sold Out; The 765LT

The performance-oriented LT gets some steroid injections, liposuction and a new fitness regime to warp speed

  • By: Dinesh
  • Wednesday, 23 September 2020
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Mclaren Launched A Car That’s Understandbly Already All Sold Out; The 765LT

McLaren’s Longtail family signifies uncompromised performance. The Longtail name itself harks back to the iconic F1 GTRs that had some additional bodywork whacked on to its hind quarters to improve airflow and extract more top end speed at Le Mans.

Now, the Longtail; or LT, moniker translates into a regular McLaren that’s been given a dose of steroids, liposuction to bin some poundage and a new fitness regime. The latest addition to the LT family is the 765LT that McLaren Kuala Lumpur introduced last week.

Only 765 units will be produced globally and McLaren global has allocated 10 units for Malaysia, all of which have been spoken for because that’s how life is when you sneeze money.

The base 720S received as much as it lost in the form of a large “Longtail” active carbon fibre wing with three positions and the LT aerodynamic package in carbon fibre that comprises a front splitter, front bumper, front floor, side skirts, rear bumper and a rear diffuser.

More weight was shed with an aluminium hood with carbon fibre air inlets, thinner glass and motorsport-style polycarbonate glazing, ultra-lightweight forged alloy wheels with titanium bolts. Right out back, the quad-exit exhaust is titanium and if your inner narcissist needs be, there’s an optional double-glazed engine showcase panel. That’s a total of 80kg less than the 720S; or the same as the writer of this article.

Along with the weight loss, there’re performance gains. The 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine that powers the entire McLaren range now makes 765hp and 800Nm of torque. All that is dumped on the bespoke P Zero Trofeo R tyres via a remapped seven-speed dual-clutch Seamless Shift Gearbox. The century sprint is done in 2.8-seconds and the double century in 7.2-seconds. It tops out at 330kph; way below the McLaren Speedtail's 400kph.

Keeping the sticky rubbers planted to the ground are tweaked independent adaptive dampers and springs governed by the Proactive Chassis Control II, itself featuring retuned software. Stopping hardware comes from the legendary Senna in the form of a carbon-ceramic discs measuring 390mm and 380mm front and rear with six-piston and four-piston calipers clamping on them.

The cabin is spartan as all race cars should be. In standard from, the 765LT deletes its climate control and audio systems but if you do need some creature comforts for your drive to the track, they can be added back with no cost.

Carbon fibre is littered everywhere in the cabin, being used to form the racing seats, centre tunnel, floor, and steering wheel. Alcantara covers everything imaginable in the cabin for some semblance of luxury.

If you opt for the Clubsport package selected, you can expect the same Super-Lighweight Carbon Fibre Racing Seats from the Senna as well as McLaren Track Telemetry that displays on a central 8.0-inch infotainment screen that’s part of the Folding Driver Display. When folded, you get a simple strip that shows the engine speed and nothing else, allowing the driver to focus on driving. Fold open the display and you get a digital display instrument cluster with all the 765LT’s vital info showcased.

Although the initial 10 units have been snapped up, order books are still open should there be any drop outs from the remaining global production. It starts at RM1,488,000; before tax and duties. Do it the non-Langkawi way and you’re looking at double that figure before options.

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