Did You Know That The Design Of The Proton X50 Was Inspired By A Jet Plane?

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Did You Know That The Design Of The Proton X50 Was Inspired By A Jet Plane?

A touch of fighter jet here, a touch of stealth bomber there.

Throughout history, there must be hundreds of thousands of cars that have been introduced.

For car engineers, it must be a nightmare for them to design a car that is not only attractive, but differ from their competitors as well.

Hence, you'll see more and more car designers taking inspiration from the most random of things, like how the Fiat Multipla was inspired by a "psychotic cartoon duck". 

Thankfully, there are car designers out there who took inspiration from cooler things, like a fighter jet, for example.

Check out this sexy thing?
And a fighter jet seems to be the most common inspiration for a lot of car designers, and who could blame them?

After all, we are pretty sure it's not hard to take inspiration from the sleek lines, the sexy curves and the technology-filled interior of a fighter jet.

Exibit A: the Lamborghini Reventón, the Aston Martin Vulcan and the Koenigsegg Agera RS Draken are supercars heavily-inspired by a fighter jet, and they look pretty darn great, don't they?

And the latest car to take inspiration from a fighter jet is none other than the upcoming Proton X50.

During the media preview at their Tanjung Malim headquarters last Tuesday (15 September), Proton's head designer Azlan Othman revealed that the design of the brand new SUV was heavily inspired by a two-winged mean machine.

And if you're lucky enough to catch the Proton X50 in the flesh, you can definitely see some of the influence on the design of the SUV.

The design is so fly 

For instance, Azlan revealed that the X50's quad-exhaust system was made to resemble the thrusters you see on a fighter jet. 

And when you move to the side, Azlan said that the fighter jet inspiration also applies to the Flagship variant's 18-inch alloy-wheels, which were made to look like the turbine of a jet's engine.

Walk around to the back and you'll see the tail lights sporting a triple-light guides that was made to look like a pair of jet wings.

The design of the tail lamps were taken directly from the Geely Binyue, one which they dubbed the 'Wings of Time'.

But it is the Proton X50's interior where the jet plane design is more apparent.  

According to Geely, when they designed the interior of the Geely Binyue, they want the driver to feel like they are piloting a jet plane, not a mid-size SUV.

They call it the 'Enveloping Cockpit', and - yep, you guessed it! - the entire interior was inspired by the "enveloping cockpit of a jet plane".

The futuristic-looking seven-inch LCD instrument panel, for example, looks like something you would find in a stealth bomber.

One look at the side air-conditioning vents and you can tell that it is inspired by the vector thrusters from a jet fighter.

Even the gear shifter was inspired by a jet throttle, according to Geely.

What do you guys think? Do you think the Proton X50 is a sexy-looking SUV?

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