Get Your Need For Speed On As Hot Pursuit Is Remastered For Current Consoles

Arguably the best of the franchise, Hot Pursuit will be remastered to cater for current consoles and be here in time for Christmas

  • By: Dinesh
  • Thursday, 8 October 2020
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Get Your Need For Speed On As Hot Pursuit Is Remastered For Current Consoles

2002’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was the formative racing game for the current generation of petrolheads. Back when all the pedal to the metal we could muster was slamming the ‘X’ button on the PlayStation 2 to go faster, Hot Pursuit opened our eyes to the world of racing and tuning.

Naturally, Electronic Arts rebooted the title in 2010 with Hot Pursuit 2 to cash in on the love for it. In all, the NFS franchise has 24 games now, culminating with last year’s Need for Speed Heat.

Still, there’s nothing quite like Hot Pursuit and they know it. Hence, the title’s getting remastered for the Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Play Station 4 as well as; we’re assuming, the Play Station 5.

The 2010 game will get the full top-tier, current gaming console treatment with 4k graphics support and 60fps rates.

Gameplay goals remains the same; outrun-the-cops and finish first. There’ll also be the Autolog social competition feature. All the vehicles from the 2010 game will be present and accounted for, including the police interceptors as well as DLC cars and races. The only new addition will be a custom wrap feature that’s downloadable following the launch.

One of the most interesting features with the remaster is the crossplay feature. It means exactly what it sounds like, you won’t be limited to social gaming with friends that have the same console. You’ll now be able to race against friends on other consoles as well.

Hot Pursuit remastered will be the work of Criterion; the very same studio behind the 2010 Hot Pursuit and the highly-acclaimed Burnout games.

Hoping to cash in on Christmas, the game will be launched on 6 November 2020 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One while the Switch will have to wait a week to get it on 13 November 2020. Pricing is $39.99 on console (RM166) and $29.99 (RM125) on PC. You can get it from Steam or EA’s Origin store.

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