TC Subaru Lets You Extend Your Subaru’s Warranty To The Sixth Year

Prices for warranty extension starts from RM1,300

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TC Subaru Lets You Extend Your Subaru’s Warranty To The Sixth Year

The problem with vehicle warranty expiring is the thought of paying for the original replacement of faulty parts. Although the vehicle’s part won’t break down the day after the warranty expires, unlike your toaster, there’s still a chance of it happening six months down the road. TC Subaru is giving you the option of extending your Subaru’s five-year warranty to six with the newly-introduced Subaru Auto Protection Programme, or SAPP.

The reason for this program is simple — it allows Subaru owners to extend their vehicle’s warranty coverage up to six years. Although the option to extend the warranty isn’t free, the two packages on offer are said to provide more ring for your Ringgit; as detailed below:

Silver Package – RM1,300 (Customers can claim up to RM5,000 per transaction or up to a maximum of RM10,000 per Annum)

  • Air-con system (includes compressor, condenser, evaporator & blower motor)
  • Brake system (includes master pump, ABS actuator, module, & booster)
  • Cooling system (includes radiator, water pump & thermostat)
  • Electrical system (includes starter motor, alternator, wiper motor, fan motor, ignition coil, power window motor, horn, engine control module, auto transmission module & air bag module)
  • Fuel system (includes fuel pump & regulators) 

Gold Package – RM 1,600 (Customers can claim up to RM10,000 per transaction or up to a maximum of RM20,000 per Annum) 
Coverage, similar to Silver Package with the addition of:

  • Engine components (includes cylinder head, cam & value mechanism, timing gear & chain, water pump, lubrication system, oil pump, pistons, crankshaft, cylinder bores, intake & exhaust manifold, flywheel, throttle valve & airflow meters)
  • Transmission components - Auto, CVT or Manual (includes torque converter, internal shaft, gears, synchromesh devices, shafts, bearings, planetary system, brake bands, oil pump, transfer gear, clutches, variable pulleys, & control valve body)
  • Axle and differential components (include crown gears, pinion & support bearings, planetary gears & half shaft)

Financing with zero per cent instalment plans are available for both packages, which also includes:

  • 1-year Subaru Breakdown Assist coverage
  • 10% off body and paint, parts and labour at all authorised Subaru repair centres
  • 10% off Subaru official merchandise
  • 10% off in-house grooming services (selected outlets)
  • 10% off standard retail parts not covered by the Subaru Auto Protection Programme 6. Free technical and diagnostic consultation at all Subaru authorised centres 

Eligibility is determined by the vehicle’s age, which should be registered for less than six years or less than 100,000km in mileage. The SAPP adds another year to the warranty bringing its validity up to six years or 120,000km. Naturally, only original Subaru parts are used, which not only helps to retain your vehicle’s value but also give you peace of mind.

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