Sparexhub And Sime Darby Motors Malaysia Take Spares Part Sales Online

Competitive prices for spares that even caters for post-warranty models

  • By: Dinesh
  • Wednesday, 16 December 2020
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Sparexhub And Sime Darby Motors Malaysia Take Spares Part Sales Online

We’re all suckers for a good bargain. If we weren’t, please explain how is it that people collectively lose their common sense and money on event such as 11.11 or the recent 12.12 sales?

With that in mind, SpareXhub has entered the market to digitalise purchasing of genuine automotive spare parts at highly competitive prices that also caters for models that are out of warranty at the manufacturer.

Sime Darby Motors Malaysia (SDM Malaysia) has teamed up with SpareXhub in a bid to further digitalise the customer experience in purchasing spares for marques under its banner. It’s a mutual beneficial relationship for both parties.

Not only will customers now be able to source spares online and have it delivered to its doorstep, SDM Malaysia stands to gain operational efficiency by freeing up warehouse space and better management of parts inventory by increasing stock turnover and reducing obsolescence for post-warranty models.

“This collaboration is a good example of how we consistently innovate and leverage on technology partners to enhance the customer journey, especially in the face of the current pandemic limiting in-person experience. It is also in line with our digital transformation plan to have end-to-end digital solutions by allowing contactless orders, payment and delivery, for an improved customer experience,” said Jeffrey Gan, managing director of SDM Malaysia’s Retail and Distribution.

“Car owners, especially those without manufacturers’ warranties, can now have peace of mind when purchasing genuine spare parts from SpareXhub in a market that is flooded with original equipment manufacturer (OEM), aftermarket and used parts,” added Jeffrey.

“The digital transformation in the automotive industry is certainly opening up new opportunities for us.  This collaboration will not only expand our digital outreach to customers with selected post warranty models, it will also cater to stockists and independent workshops who register on the online store at,” he added.

From a quick browse of SpareXhub, the depth of spares available was very impressive and catered for some models past the double decade mark. Inventory currently doesn’t include most of the popular marques and models in the country but you can expect that list to grow considerably very soon as SpareXhub looks to expand their portfolio.

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