Rock The Pandemic Blues Away With The Bride Emperor Rocking Chair Base

Since the touge is off limits, may as well put those bucket seats to good use in the living room

  • By: Dinesh
  • Thursday, 21 January 2021
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Rock The Pandemic Blues Away With The Bride Emperor Rocking Chair Base

Now that the Movement Control Order (MCO) 2.0 is upon us for the foreseeable future, that Bride bucket seat in your jalopy out front isn’t going to get much use. No matter how much you try to justify it, you don’t need side bolsters for your drive to the supermarket for groceries.

Purveyors of sports seats for all manners of fast four-wheeled machines, Bride has found a novel way to take more of our money and help you put that Bride sports seat to good use in your living room with a handcrafted rocking chair base.

In a time when companies need to diversify and innovate from their traditional business model to survive, Bride has dipped its toes into the wood furniture sector.

The aptly named Emperor rocking chair base (presumably because you’ll feel like an emperor sitting in a rocking bucket seat) allows you to fit any of the reclining; or semi bucket, Bride bucket seats on the base and make an instant rocking chair.

“Rock and recline” as they put it.

Per the media release, the Emperor rocking chair base combines with your reclining Bride seat for you to “enjoy exquisite and comfortable fluctuations in your living room or office.”

The woodwork itself is via a partnership with Woodwork Den, a master woodworking artisan in Yaizu City, Suzuoka Prefecture. Each rocking chair base is bespoke, and Bride will put in a custom order for you depending on the type of Bride reclining seat you already own.

Woodwork Den handcrafts the base out of oak wood and seeing that it’s a manual job, they can only deliver 10 per month or so. Deliveries are expected to roll; or should we say rock, out on 1 Feb 2021.

The cost? A cool 69,000 Yen; or RM2,700, without delivery. Of course, the seats themselves are sold separately if you don’t already have one. Bride states the mounting hole positions are left 290mm x front and rear 330mm. Therefore, you can fit most of the current Bride reclining seats such as the Streams, Streams Cruz, Euroster 2, Euroster 2 Cruz, Digo 3 Light, Digo 3 Light Cruz and Zaou.

You’ve got to hand it to Bride though, first it was the Bride face masks and now this rocking chair base. Given that by the time this pandemic is over and we’re allowed out again, we just might be old enough to enjoy a good rocking chair.

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