Gearbox Soup For The Petrolhead…The First Automotive Podcast In The Country

The Sup Gearbox series will be helmed by our very own from Behind the Wheel and sister site,

  • By: Dinesh
  • Friday, 5 February 2021
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Gearbox Soup For The Petrolhead…The First Automotive Podcast In The Country

Soup soothes the soul they say. You’ve also probably heard of sup gearbox. Well cease to wonder how that form of nourishment gained its phallic references as it’s actually due to the dish being stewed with a bull’s knee joint sticking out of it like a gear lever in a car.

Best consumed after you cecah roti in it, the uncanny automotive reference also made it the ideal title for the country’s first automotive podcast. Said podcast is a collaboration between yours truly; Behind the Wheel and our sister site Drebar together with SYOKcast.

“Sup GearBox: Borak Gosip Auto bersama Erywan & Chris (Soup Gearbox: Auto chatter with Erywan & Chris)” is a Malay language podcast exclusive to the SYOK app that delves into the questions that seem to always float around the auto-sphere but never seem to get answered definitively.

We’re here to give it a shot with the expert opinions of Erywan Nor Shal and Chris Ng, the managing editors of and Behind the Wheel respectively.

The laidback duo with over a decade of experience each in the automotive media industry will do their best to tackle some of the pressing issues such as purchasing your first car, automotive maintenance and other issues that tend to ask more questions than answers are available.

You’ll find a total of 10 episodes in the first season with the occasional appearance from prominent industry personalities such as Gan Yong Li; also known as Gan Comel, the founder of and Ahirine Ahirudin, a reporter with HLive on Astro Ria and a motocross enthusiast.

The first two episodes are already out on the SYOK app with a new one going live every Wednesday at 11am until 24 Mac 2021.

Here are the first seven episodes and what they’ll address:

Episode 1 – New or used Car? Hear it on SYOK now here.

Episode 2 – Car or Motorcycle? Hear it on SYOK now here.

Episode 3 – A nine- or seven-year loan? Hear it on SYOK on 10 February at 11am.

Episode 4 – Sedan or SUV? Hear it on SYOK on 12 February at 11am.

Episode 5 – Moped, Scooter or Supermoped? Hear it on SYOK on 17 February at 11am.

Episode 6 – Big bikes, are they worth it? Hear it on SYOK on 24 February at 11am.

Episode 7 – Malaysian drivers suck! Hear it on SYOK on 3 Mac at 11am.

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