The City That Never Sleeps Didn’t Doze Off, It Just Took A Nap But’s Now Here To Dominate The Segment

Honda Malaysia finally reveals pricing for the flagship City RS; starts at RM106k

  • By: Dinesh
  • Wednesday, 10 March 2021
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The City That Never Sleeps Didn’t Doze Off, It Just Took A Nap But’s Now Here To Dominate The Segment

You’ve probably seen quite a few units of the new Honda City on our roads; handsome devils they are. While the new range was launched just shy of half a year ago, you may have; understandably, forgotten that the flagship City RS wasn’t part of the festivities due to the cardinal reason for all delays in the last year; the pandemic.

Well, the car that took a dump on the front yard of its competition and even sent some punches the way of much heftier rivals has finally, formally and beyond any reasonable doubt now officially been launched with a price of RM105,950.

Expect the flagship of the City range to join the over 13,000 units already delivered to customers since the launch.

Honda Malaysia has always had a special working relationship with its parent company that led to many innovative tech being introduced in local models and the City RS e:HEV is among them as Malaysia is the first country globally to debut this variant of the City; even Japan doesn’t have it yet.

Chief among the key tech in the City RS is the Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) powertrain that comprises a regular 1.5-litre internal combustion engine but running on the Atkinson cycle working with a pair of electric motors and a high-power lithium-ion battery pack.

Whilst previous Honda models packed hybrid powertrains as well, the primary difference and benefit of the i-MMD is that the car can be driven on a multitude of combinations of the petrol engine and electric motors.

That means that the car can run on just one or both electric motors, a combo of the electric motors and the petrol engine or just the petrol engine depending on the driving conditions and efficiency.

Rather creatively, Honda has named the three possible driving modes EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive. We’ll let you figure out what they mean. The i-MMD switches seamlessly between the three courtesy of the Intelligent Power Unit (IPU).

The e-CVT transmission is tasked with delivering the max output of 107hp and 253Nm of torque to the front wheels. You’ll remember the torque from when it usurped the current Toyota Camry in a television ad.

As the flagship of the range, the hybrid powertrain isn’t the only trick up its sleeves. Active safety takes precedence with the complete Honda Sensing suite of safety tech and Honda Connect.

Honda Sensing comprises:
- adaptive cruise control
- forward collision warning
- collision mitigation braking system
- lane departure warning
- lane keep assist
- road departure mitigation
- auto high-beam

You’ll also find it packing Honda LaneWatch although that piece of tech isn’t part of the Honda Sensing suite. LaneWatch places a camera under the side-view mirror of the passenger side and beams a feed to the infotainment display whenever the passenger side indicator is activated.

Honda Connect is new to their portfolio here and aptly debuts in the City RS as the flagship of the range. Essentially Honda’s version of the Proton Link app, Connect works with internet connectivity to bring interactive controls of your City RS to your smartphone. You’ll have remote start, security functions, vehicle diagnostics and vehicle tracking at your fingertips anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection.

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