Owner Sells His Toyota Supra To Fund His Cat’s Medical Bills

However, he crosses paths with a compassionate buyer that’s also into cars and cats for a happy ending

  • By: Dinesh
  • Friday, 21 May 2021
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Owner Sells His Toyota Supra To Fund His Cat’s Medical Bills

Pets, fur babies, four-legged friend or whatever else silly nicknames we have for the animals in our household, there’s nothing owners won’t do for their pets in a time of need. Same goes for the cars of petrolheads… there’s nothing that an enthusiast won’t do for their four-wheeled companion.

That is until it comes down to the wire between the two.

Such was the predicament for a Japanese man as he turned to selling his beloved Toyota Supra MA70 to raise funds for his ailing feline friends’ medical bills.

Identified by his username Leiz on Yahoo Auctions; where the car was listed, he mentioned the unfortunate circumstances behind the sale as well as to justify the reason for the above-market-value requested for his pride and joy.

While most Supras of that vintage go for around ¥1.35 million (RM51,500), Leiz was asking for double that (RM103,000) due to the medical bills as well as the sentimental value it holds in his heart; right next to his cat.

The 1989 Toyota Supra MA70 is originally a North American market car and was imported to Japan by the owner’s friend before he took it over. Hence, the wedge-shaped Supra most likely sports a 7M-GTE mill and not the venerable 1JZ-GTE that fans the flames of tuning folklore.

Leiz goes on to mention some details of the car, including his ownership of said car for an astonishing 27 years. Having a car for that long, you knew it was a tough decision to make.

Seeing that it came from sunny California, there’s a retrofitted sunroof. Other mods include some choice body additions, but the real magic is under the hood. A TD08 turbo, HKS F-Con V Pro standalone ECU, larger injectors, larger intercooler and HKS air intake are reasoned mods that deliver more power whilst maintaining reliability for years to come.

Diagnosed with the potentially fatal disease, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, Leiz mentioned that his cat Silk’s medical bills would come up to at least a whopping ¥2 million (RM76,00); hence the asking price.

Nonetheless, all is well in the world as he met with a fellow petrolhead that also fostered a love for felines, leading to a heartwarming tale comprised of cats, cars and compassion. The eventual buyer purchased the car immediately without negotiating as he had a cat of his own and sympathised.

It gets better though, the buyer planned to tidy up the car and store it in his office as a decoration without much plans to use it. He said that Leiz can buy the car back from him for the exact same price once Silk’s dilemma is sorted.

In fact, the buyer invited Leiz to come visit him and drive the car if he ever missed his machine.

Yahoo Auctions

“Think of me as a friend who likes the same car that you do, and when you miss it, come by to visit, and take it out for a spin,” the buyer said, as quoted by SoraNews24.

As if all that wasn’t a blessing enough, the buyer threw in an additional ¥100,000 (RM3,800) to help Silk’s medical bills.

Who said Supras were pussy magnets?

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