Solve Your Insecurities By Converting Your Perodua Ativa Into A Toyota Raize

If the Gear Up kit doesn’t quite cut it for you, we doubt this will but at least it’s an option

  • By: Dinesh
  • Tuesday, 25 May 2021
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Solve Your Insecurities By Converting Your Perodua Ativa Into A Toyota Raize

For reasons beyond the comprehension of modern psychology, Malaysian motorists have long developed an inferiority complex with regards to the variant of vehicle they own that’s lead to deceptive upbadging for the sake of compensating in areas we dare not tread.

Proton Satrias with tacked on GTI body kits are the appetisers for this revolting course meal with the biggest culprits being base BMWs and Mercedes-Benz models with fake M or AMG emblems that do nothing against the skinny tyres and chicken-feet brakes.

That bemusing trend continues with the Perodua Ativa as insecure owners are now able to convert the exterior to reflect that of its supposedly more premium Toyota Raize sibling that isn’t sold here.

We’re refraining from using the word facelift as nothing’s actually improved.

Spotted on the page of automotive parts supplier GP Division Auto on Facebook, the folks there are ready to help with a full conversion kit that’ll leave your Ativa looking identical to the Raize.

A fool and his money are soon parted; in this case it's to the tune of around RM9,000 for the full conversion and comprises all the hardware for the cosmetic procedure. Bear in mind the body parts used here are genuine Toyota panels and components:
- complete front and rear Raize bumpers
- gloss black grille
- rear hatch trim with Toyota emblem
- mudguard
- complete Toyota and Raize emblems front and rear
- LED fog lights and DRLs
- fitment and paint

That’s an all-in price of about RM9,000 for a complete cosmetic conversion to resemble a Raize. Seeing that all components are genuine, there’s no need for reshaping the body; it’s a plug-and-play affair.

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