Just As Safe As Their Cars, The Volvo Reusable Masks Gives Back To The Community

Simplicity in design and extremely functional, just like a Volvo

  • By: Dinesh
  • Thursday, 3 June 2021
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Just As Safe As Their Cars, The Volvo Reusable Masks Gives Back To The Community

We call it “kita jaga kita” but Volvo has its own take on the ethos; “omtanke”. It’s Swedish for “caring” and “consideration” but could also mean “to think again.” That’s precisely the rational behind the Volvo Car Malaysia’s line of facemasks.

Not known for their sense of humour, the collection of masks were creatively dubbed “Volvo Batik Reusable Facemasks.” A collaboration between the carmaker together with Three Little Ahmads and NanoTextile, the anti-microbial facemasks brings sustainability with the blood and sweat of local communities behind it as a means of supporting their livelihoods on the back of this pandemic.

Three Little Ahmads is a local children’s clothing brand and social enterprise. They ensured the facemasks are ethically sourced, made and produced by single mothers and women in rural neighbourhoods under the GIATMara vocational alumnus to make ends meet. Many of these women lost their retail factory jobs during the pandemic and the income from the sales of the facemasks has been a stable source of income.

The bigger picture of “omtanke” fits snugly with Volvo’s approach to safety and sustainability with its ambitious climate goals. The aftermath of this pandemic could see the disposal of single-use surgical masks wreack havoc on the environment.

A unique Batik Tekap pattern was designed by Three Litte Ahmads with inspiration from three flowers; sunflower, stargazer lily and jasmine. All handmade, the facemasks are made up of 100 per cent cotton, are anti-bacterial, water-repellent and remains functional for up to 100 gentle washes.

NanoTextile offers leading technology solutions in textile production. Their nanotechnology reduces penetration of contaminated droplets and prevents possible infection of the fabric. A replaceable PM 2.5 filter has been tested to effectively filter out 90 per cent of viral particles.

If you’d like to get your hands on a set, it’ll set you back RM99 for the set of three with two sizing options (medium or large). Each set comes in three colour variations, Dark Blue (sunflower), Navy Blue (stargazer lily) and Sky Blue (jasmine).

Unfortunately, you can only buy the masks at Volvo dealerships nationwide; which in the case of this lockdown might not be the most convenient option. More info available on their website, which you can access here.

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