This Isn’t What We Meant When We Said “Light Up The Rear Of Your Lambo”

Trying to cook a kebab with the exhaust flames predictably ends in disaster

  • By: Dinesh
  • Thursday, 3 June 2021
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This Isn’t What We Meant When We Said “Light Up The Rear Of Your Lambo”

Definitely not something Gordon Ramsay would approve, a member of that elite club known for lacking common sense has once again demonstrated natural selection by attempting to cook a kebab with the exhaust flames of a revving Lamborghini Aventador in China.

Needless to say, it doesn’t end well. Just because it has the word “lamb” in its name doesn’t mean it’ll be useful in cooking said meat.

Although Lambos are known to smoke anything on the road, the video below is a clear indication that the same philosophy doesn’t apply to smoking meat on a skewer.

Recorded in a parking garage at what looks to be a gathering of supercars, the dumbass holds the skewer with the meat at the exhaust tips while someone revs the V12 to the moon.

Spitting flames out of your exhaust is cool if you’re driving fast but the intermittent nature of trying to do so while stationary doesn’t quite make the ladies as weak at the knees in addition to the long time it’ll take to cook.

Plus last time we checked, unburnt fuel and carbon from a car doesn’t quite have the same kick as Cajun spice.

If anyone in that garage started to smell something distinct in the air and thought to themselves, “Can you smell what’s cooking?”

The answer is probably not a kebab but the coolant that the engine just shat out all over the floor.

Looking to have overheated, fumes start to rise from the engine bay as the coolant spills everywhere. The steam is most likely the coolant spilling on the hot exhaust manifold and not the aroma of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Based on the article by Jalopnik, its editor and former cooling engineer David Tracy guessed that the engine was revved while cold which would’ve meant the thermostat was closed. As the engine revs hard, the water pump spins but there isn’t any water flowing so instead it creates pressure in the cooling jackets and eventually that pressure breaks out via a weak point in the system; likely a hose or the plastic coolant reservoir.

Depending on how quickly they switched off the engine, damage might be minimal to the car but expect a write-off for the owner’s ego.

So remember the lesson here today, don’t try to cook meat with the exhaust flames of a car that hasn’t properly warmed up to operating temperatures yet. We’re still all doing it once the engine is warmed up because if you’re dumb enough to do it, Earth doesn’t need you anymore.

Regardless, this Lamborghini is now a Lembu-ghini.

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