Malaysia's Greatest Car Theft Story Involves One Guy Stealing The Same Porsche Twice In One Day

Bizarre story.

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Malaysia's Greatest Car Theft Story Involves One Guy Stealing The Same Porsche Twice In One Day

This is a car theft story you'll never believe.

We've probably seen more than our fair share of posts on social media about people getting their cars stolen (here's a list of the most stolen cars in Malaysia).

However, this car robbery story we're about to tell you is a little bit different.

That's because it's so bizarre, you'd think that it was a scene out of 'Gone In 60 Seconds', but we assure you that this did happen and it even happened in Malaysia.

Bold robbery attempt

The year was 2007. 

A neatly-dressed unnamed man walked into a luxury car showroom in Penang on 16 July while holding a chequebook, telling a salesman that he is looking to purchase a sports car. 

The man reportedly set his sights on a brand new Porsche 911 Targa 4, which at the time was priced at almost RM1 million.

The man has great taste.
The man then asked the salesman for the keys because he wanted to hear the roar of the engine. 

When he got a hold of the keys, the man stunned everyone in the showroom when he drove off with the car, smashing through the windows.

However, the man's masterplan for a quick getaway was dashed, because after driving for just 2km, the Porsche ran out of fuel.

He was forced to abandon the high-performance by the side of the road and took off on foot.

According to Reuters, the police subsequently found the car and hauled it back to their compound to have the paperwork processed.

That's the end of the story, right? Well, not by a long shot, dear friends.

Stealing the car - part deux

The man went back for the Porsche again.
Later that night, at around 10.45pm, the man reportedly showed up at the police station where the Porsche was kept - this time, with a fuel cannister in hand.

He reportedly cut the perimeter fence, snuck into the compound, re-fuelled the car and drove off with it again.

How is that possible, you ask? Well, when he abandoned the car earlier in the day, he kept the car keys.

According to New Straits Times, the man almost knocked down a police sentry as it made its getaway. The sentry managed to raise an alarm, and the police immediately mounted roadblocks all around the city.

The man then brought the police on a wild chase, as he avoided the roadblocks and ten pursuing police cars.

The man ditched the car because there were too many roadblocks.
Unfortunately, the man was once again forced to ditch his dream car when he realised that he couldn't escape all the roadblocks set up to stop his escape.

The car was reportedly found abandoned in a secluded spot near Maktab Perguruan Tuanku Bainun in Mengkuang, and the man was nowhere to be found.

A full investigation ensued, with the police lifting fingerprints from the car and theorising that this could be the work of more than one man.

Amazingly, the suspect was never caught and he could still be roaming free today.

How's that for a story? We feel that this could definitely be the made into a movie ala 'Gone In 60 Seconds' Malaysian version.

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