You Don’t Have To Grab Your Wallet As GrabPay Now Supports DuitNow QR

In the quest to go cashless, integration between platforms is key and Grab has taken that step

  • By: Dinesh
  • Tuesday, 8 June 2021
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You Don’t Have To Grab Your Wallet As GrabPay Now Supports DuitNow QR

Just grab your phone and scan the DuitNow QR code with yout Grab app to pay

Malaysia has quite the surplus of e-wallets and digital payment methods; which is all good and well for consumers. However, the lack of integration between said platforms can be an inconvenience, hence the need for consolidation to meet the nation’s goal of going cashless by 2022.

GrabPay has taken that first step with the integration of DuitNow QR into its e-wallet. Now, you can just scan the DuitNow QR code at any merchant and pay via your GrabPay.

In case you missed the boat, DuitNow QR is Malaysia’s National QR designed to encourage nationwide adoption of cashless payments for the digital economy.

Since the pandemic hit us, the adoption of contactless payments shot through the roof for obvious reasons. A report by Bank Negara Malaysia states that it grew by a whopping 131 per cent since 2019.

Subsequently, the number of merchants accepting contactless payments and QR code transactions has grown as well. The aforementioned report says merchants adopting contactless payment grew by 165 per cent since 2019.

If you’ve paid via the DuitNow QR method before, using GrabPay for it is similar. Simply open the Grab app on your phone, open the QR scanner and scan the merchant’s DuitNow QR code. The transaction amount will be deducted from your GrabPay e-wallet.

Of course, you’ll be privy to all the rewards and benefits of GrabPay which includes Grab’s Merchant Discovery, GrabRewards and Save with Points features. You can even earn points and save money with the easily identifiable GrabPay DuitNow Preferred Merchants.

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