Phua Chu Kang Actor Gurmit Singh Fined And Has License Suspended For Speeding

It’s claimed at the time he was the fastest in “Singapore, JB and some say Batam”

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  • Wednesday, 9 June 2021
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Phua Chu Kang Actor Gurmit Singh Fined And Has License Suspended For Speeding

Singaporean actor and comedian Gurmit Singh; who plays everyone’s favourite silver screen contractor as Phua Chu Kang, was given a fine and had his driving license suspended for three months after being caught speeding in the republic.

The 56-year old actor; full name Gurmit Singh Virk Chainchal Singh, was slapped with the S$800 (RM2,500) fine and suspension yesterday after being caught doing 131kph in a 70kph zone behind the wheel of an Audi A8L on 12 April 2021.

Guess those signature yellow boots his character wore did more than keep the cement off his feet, it dropped that accelerator pedal in the Audi like it was filled with cement.

Leaving the distinct boots at home, Gurmit turned up to court unrepresented and pleaded guilty to the count of exceeding the speed limit while driving a vehicle under the Road Traffic Act. The misdemeanor was committed along Woodlands Avenue 12 towards the Seletar Expressway.

The public prosecutor sought a driving ban although it was mentioned that Gurmit had no prior convictions.

He explained that he was on the way to fetch his son from the latter’s internship when he noticed the German luxobarge had developed a flapping sound around 100kph. Hoping to recreate the sound for his son to help diagnose, he sped up after fetching his son.

“Of course I’m not saying I should drive at that speed at that street but it was just a short (distance). I don’t know how I got 131, I wish I knew, but I just ask the court’s understanding that I’m not this reckless driver who does this daily. It’s just a one-off thing I wanted my son to hear,” he said to the judge.

Speeding offences in Singapore can see a first-timer be jailed up to three months, a fine of S$1,000, or both. The penalties are doubled for repeat offenders.

Although he claims to not be reckless behind the wheel, Gurmit does have a penchant for fast cars, having previously owned a Lamborghini Gallardo as well as an Audi S5 and a Honda Phantom TA-200 motorcycle.

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