Motor Mythbusters Aims To Take Motoring Urban Legends To The Test

A spin-off; or perhaps burnout, of the original MythBusters

  • By: Dinesh
  • Friday, 11 June 2021
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Motor Mythbusters Aims To Take Motoring Urban Legends To The Test

If you’ve ever wondered whether the Italian tune-up, filling up fuel in the morning or even one of many physics-defying stunts from the Fast & Furious franchise is actually possible, we’ve got you covered fam… or rather the crew of Motor MythBusters do.

A spin-off; or burnout, from the original MythBusters show, Motor MythBusters applies the very same formula of science and practical experiments to confirm or debunk some of the automotive myths, urban legends and stunts from movies.

Simply put, its MythBusters for the petrolhead.

While the original crew of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman did cover some car myths and urban legends, it barely scratched the paint on the machine that is tall tales with a motor. Hence, the new dream team of Tory Belleci, Faye Hadley and Bisi Ezerioha will dive right into that engine bay to create tests with scientific precision to split the oil and water.

The name Tory Belleci should be familiar to fans of the original show. He was part of the build team on MythBusters.

He’ll be joined by Faye Hadley of All Girls Garage fame. On the show, she wears the automotive technician hat.

Last but certainly not the least by any notion is Bizi Ezerioha; the man behind the insane tuning shop that’s Bisimoto. You’ll probably recognise them from the mind-numbing 1,000+hp Honda Odyssey that shreds tyres on a school run.

The self-taught Bisi has made quite the name for himself and regularly goes where no other tuning shop dares go. If you need further proof, they did a 1,000+hp Hyundai Santa Fe for SEMA.

Promising plenty of time setting up the tests, the show will nonetheless lose none of the destruction and explosions the original delivered on a silver platter. Tory, Faye and Bisi promise plenty of that and more but also that viewers will learn something along the way as they build to bust.

The first episode will premiere on 4 August 2021 and it’ll explore that infamous soda can tab scene from Fast and Furious 8.

Here’s the downside though, the show’s only available on the MotorTrend app. Let’s hope it makes its way to other networks in the near future.

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