This Grandfather Is Probably Quicker Than You At Virtual Racing

You’re never too old to burn rubber

  • By: Dinesh
  • Friday, 11 June 2021
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This Grandfather Is Probably Quicker Than You At Virtual Racing

Thrash talking while playing games online is compulsory. Those that play against randoms online might be familiar with some of the usual insults such as “my grandfather is faster than that.” Well, this YouTuber that’s made his 93-year old grandfather famous online for virtual racing is probably the only one that can utter said insult and mean it.

This Japanese grandfather was a taxi driver in Tokyo during the 1960s before jumping into something bigger as a dump truck driver in the 1970s; a job he kept at for 20-years. Due to his age, he voluntarily turned in his license and gave up driving seven years ago.

However, once a driver, always a driver and that love for cars has never faded.

So with nothing to do at home, the grandfather noticed his grandson; who owns the YouTube account Olivin.corp., if he could give Forza 7 a go with his grandsons’ racing wheel rig. The rest is history as the video was uploaded online and fame ensued.

For grandpa’s first spin behind the wheel, the grandson selected a machine that grandpa has fond memories of; a Mazda Savanna RX-7. The reason behind the nostalgia is that grandpa owned the car in the 1990s when he was young, wild and free but sold it before Olivin.Corp. was born.

Constantly reminiscing about the rotary-powered coupe, Olivin.Corp. knew this would be the perfect machine for grandpa to dip his toes in the virtual world. It’s even in the very same shade of silver his real car was.

Evidently part of the generation of “real drivers,” grandpa opts to play the game in manual transmission mode that means he’s juggling the accelerator, brake pedal and clutch whilst shifting at the same time. Not one to be nannied with driving aides, grandpa also deactivates the traction control and ABS in his virtual RX-7 that won’t suffer from grenading apex seals.

Real men drive three pedals and grandpa is clearly the real deal.

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