Drag-Racing Lorries Is The Motorsports Discipline We Need Post-Lockdown

This isn’t something new on the road but at least they’ve taken it to the track now

  • By: Dinesh
  • Wednesday, 16 June 2021
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Drag-Racing Lorries Is The Motorsports Discipline We Need Post-Lockdown

Regular highway users in Malaysia won’t be piqued by the sight of large lorries speeding and attempting to overtake each other on the road; the only difference in this video is that they’ve legalised it… sort of.

Bringing some fresh machinery to the drag strip in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, these lorries have put a little more excitement into the sport as we’re stuck at home bored out of our skulls with a need for something to catch our attention.

The YouTube channel of Lucas Didit captures the scene of these regular-looking lorries taking to the Lanud Gading Drag Strip in Gunungkidul in an attempt to bring new meaning to the term “express delivery.”

According to the video, this is a first in Indonesia and from the looks of it, could grow into a new series of drag racing as much as entertainment.

Although it’s a little difficult to tell if there are any engine or performance modifications, the trucks certainly capture the cosmetic aspect of motorsports with bodykits and decals. Don’t doubt that some power has been added though, just that the video doesn’t go into detail about it.

From the looks of it, the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter appears to be the dominant truck of choice with some easy wins. Packing 123hp and 323Nm of torque from the factory, it looks to be the choice of winners if this new racing discipline.

Being held on a dedicated circuit, safety regulations required the drivers to at the very least don a helmet.

Lorry racing isn’t new in the United States or Europe, with the later having a dedicated series to prime movers racing on circuits. However, it’s yet to catch on here though this video looks to be changing that perception sooner rather than later.

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