Michael Keaton Returns As Batman In The Flash Movie And Isn’t Lacking In The Car Department

Mercedes-Benz continues to power the Justice League’s mobility solutions

  • By: Dinesh
  • Tuesday, 22 June 2021
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Michael Keaton Returns As Batman In The Flash Movie And Isn’t Lacking In The Car Department

Of all the actors to have donned the Batsuit, Michael Keaton wouldn’t quite be one of the more memorable Caped Crusaders. However, apart from managing to avoid the suit with the forgettable nipples, he’s managed to score a revival decades later with a reported appearance in the Flash movie that’s currently shooting.

Set photos have made clear that Keaton will be reprising his version of Bruce Wayne, albeit much elderly, and possibly donning the mantle of Batman in the storyline the Flashpoint Paradox storyline suspected to be the foundation of the speedster’s solo movie.

Although visibly older, Wayne hasn’t floundered in the car department as DC’s continued partnership with Mercedes-Benz sees this version of the billionaire get behind the wheel of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6.

Not one of the newer Mercedes-Benz concepts, the Maybach 6 debuted at the Pebble Beach Concours five years ago. As electrifying as Keaton’s performance will be, the concept is literally electrifying with four electric motors making 738hp delivered to all four wheels. After the Tumbler in the Christian Bale Batman movies, rear-wheel drive just wouldn’t cut it.

The century dash is done in under 4.0-seconds and the range is above 320km.

The Mercedes-Benz and DC partnership started in 2017’s Justice League with the current Batman; played by Ben Affleck, driving the more modern AMG Vision GT. Even Wonder Woman wasn’t spared the product placement though she had to settle for a more garden-variety E-Class convertible.

Keaton driving the Maybach 6 seems picture perfect. The swanky and sweeping lines of the concept appears as a Batmobile in disguise and fits the elderly Wayne image portrayed by Keaton.

If Affleck is the current timeline’s Batman, the older version played by Keaton would definitely drop the attention-whoring lines of the AMG Vision GT for something classier and more subdued like the Maybach 6.

The Flash is slated for a 4 November 2022 release and hopefully, the Maybach 6 and Keaton will get plenty of screen time.

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