You’ll Be Able To Groom Your Car And Yourselves Under Phase 2 Of The NRP

Car wash centres and barbers may resume operations then

  • By: Dinesh
  • Monday, 28 June 2021
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You’ll Be Able To Groom Your Car And Yourselves Under Phase 2 Of The NRP

Today was the tentative end of the lockdown but the government has announced it’ll continue until cases drop below the 4,000 mark daily, following which the country will enter Phase 2 of the national recovery plan (NRP); the rebranded movement control order (MCO).

When that does happen, 11 sectors will be allowed to resume operations and they include car wash centres as well as barbers because god knows you and your car will need some heavy-duty grooming by then.

Here’s the full list of the 11 sectors that may resume operations once Phase 2 is initiated:
- car wash centres
- barbershops, salons (limited to haircuts only)
- automotive manufacturing
- ceramic
- furniture
- computers
- electrical appliances
- telecommunications
- rubber
- stationaries
- morning markets
- iron, steel and cement production

Once they do reopen, operational hours will be limited from 8am-8pm daily although restaurants and eateries should continue with the revised 6am-10pm hours.

Although these steps have been announced, bear in mind the actual implementation could very well be a long time away as a number of parameters and requirements have to be met before Phase 2 is activated.

The parameters include a less burdened intensive care capacity, a 10 per cent vaccination rate and of course the aforementioned daily cases dropping below 4,000.

Even with the reopening of several economic sectors under Phase 2, interstate and inter-district travel will remain restricted. That said, some leeway will be allowed such as for students and teachers for the purposes of attending examinations as well as long-distance spouses but only for emergencies (police approval necessary).

The number of passengers in a vehicle will remain limited to two (inclusive of driver). This will be expanded to three in Phase 3… whenever that is.

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