Prove You Really Eat, Sleep And Breathe JDM With The HKS Cutlery Set

Truly empahsising the eat in “eat, sleep, breathe JDM”

  • By: Dinesh
  • Monday, 28 June 2021
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Prove You Really Eat, Sleep And Breathe JDM With The HKS Cutlery Set

The exploding popularity and subsequent surge in pricing of Japanese sports cars from the golden era of the 90s has led to an equally meteoric rise in many claiming to “eat, sleep and breathe” JDM.

We all know talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words. Therefore, you’ll need to do more than just slip into some automotive-themed apparel to substantiate those bold claims of “eating, sleeping and breathing” JDM.

Fortunately, Japanese tuning gods HKS can help you with the “eat” portion to truly complete that trifecta as seat-manufacturer Bride has already covered the “sleeping” and “breathing” bit with their rocking chair adapter and facemask.

HKS has produced limited sets of their cutlery set that can be ordered together with a mug to “eat and drink” JDM.

The cutlery and mug combo are limited to 50 sets under the 2021 summer collection, so it brings us great joy in letting you know that it’s already sold out and your claims will remain void for eternity.

However, the lucky few that managed to get their hands on it will be glad to know the mug is constructed in Japan from 18-8 stainless steel with a volume of 300ml and is only suitable for cold drinks.

As for the cutlery trio, the spoon and knife are made from the same steel except for the knife that’s made from SUS 420J2 steel.

Apart from the HKS logo etched on the handles, the cutlery pieces all easily slip into each other to make a singular piece that’s easier to store.

If you’re really keen, you can always keep an eye on the HKS USA or Trust Kikaku site to see if they open up orders again.

Pricing listed on HKS USA puts the cutlery and mug combo at USD38 (RM158) without shipping. Perfect for your next trackday meal.

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