MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door Refreshed With A Larger Grille

The hot hatch also gets colour themes for the interior… erm.

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MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door Refreshed With A Larger Grille

John Cooper Works exists solely to make the MINI 3 Door go faster than fast, be it on the main straights or the back roads. The new one, the MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door, recently launched by MINI Malaysia, wraps new looks and design features around a potent engine and chassis. 

On the outside, the three-door hatchback wears a new, larger radiator grille that also seamlessly integrates the safety bar. It isn’t as noticeable as before since they have coloured it to match the body. This also allows the red crossbar to look prominent upfront. The Adaptive LED headlights are placed in black inner housing; the taillights get the same treatment.

The air intakes are made more prominent than before, so more cool air gets into moderate temperature and cools the brakes. Side scuttles now embellishes the front side panels and rear apron. A diffuser is also integrated into the rear apron for better airflow. This redesign frames the two tailpipes exhaust system nicely. 

A new steering wheel with horizontal spokes greets the driver into the new cockpit. A 5.0-inch Digital Instrument Cluster, using black panel technology, now displays all the vital information the driver needs on one screen. 

Although the analogue meter cluster is gone, at least MINI has retained the centre circle, which houses the 8.8-touch display in black panel design. Live Widget feature is available here also that lets you swipe for the function you want. 

And then, there are the lifestyle bits. You can set the interior mood and colour to match your mood or any of the Driving Modes. Called Colour Worlds, you have ‘Lounge’ and ‘Sports’ that gives the interior a blue or red glow. 

Moving on, the JCW 3 Door gains momentum through a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The powerplant produces 231hp and 320Nm of torque that passes through an eight-speed Steptronic Sports Transmission. The car will go from zero to 100kph in 6.1 seconds and up to a top speed of 246kph. The powertrain uses 6.3 litres per 100km and releases 143g of CO2 per kilometre of travel.

Brembo shoulders the responsibility of stopping the JCW. The system consists of four-piston calliper brakes that bites ventilated discs. The callipers are coloured red and display the JCW logo, of course. As for handling, the JCW 3 Door is armed with an improved Adaptive Suspension with frequency-selective dampening technology. This suspension is said to bring a balance between sportiness and ride comfort. 

What else? The JCW 3 Door comes with Driving Assistant as standard, which bestows the necessary convenience and active safety features. Teleservices, MINI Online, Intelligent Emergency Call, Remote Services, telephony with wireless charging, Concierge Services, MINI Navigation, and Apple CarPlay preparation are also included. As with everything these days, the MINI App is available for all smartphones, and it brings a new user experience to the table. 

A car as special as the MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door is bound to cost a ravishing ringgit, and it does not disappoint. The hatchback is priced at  RM311,259.49, on the road without insurance and with SST exempted. A four-year unlimited mileage warranty comes with the car, as well as the five-year roadside assistance program. Balloon financing available to the JWC 3 Door to make it easier on the repayments.

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