Shell’s New FuelSave95 Is Car Club Tested And Approved

10 clubs had a go with the updated fuel and they only had good emissions

  • By: Dinesh
  • Monday, 23 August 2021
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Shell’s New FuelSave95 Is Car Club Tested And Approved

Every carmaker has a bunch of diehards staking their pride for internet points behind the keyboard more than the wheel but you know what follows a close second in terms of loyalists that will; quite literally go the extra mile, fight to the death for? Their choice of fuel.

Some swear by a certain brand of fuel with claims of more power courtesy of the butt dyno or more miles from a full tank. That said, getting a loyalist to even try a different brand of fuel would be nigh impossible but to actually get some positive feedback out of them?

Well, Shell has managed just that with its latest FuelSave95 with Dynaflex launched in March this year. They put their fuel where… erm, their engines are(?) and allowed members from 10 car clubs to give it a go.

Shell organised a virtual gathering with members of the 10 clubs where a selected spokesperson shared their experiences with the FuelSave95 in their rides.

Needless to say, all the clubs’ members feedback reflected the three key aspects that the improved fuel formula aimed to deliver:

- Extra Savingsreduces friction by up to 90 per cent in critical engine parts to maximise fuel economy
- Extra Cleanprevents 95 per cent of deposit formation for a cleaner engine
- Extra Protectionprotects engines from wear, corrosion and deposit build-up with its ‘Triple Action’ formula

All 10 car clubs have unanimously given their vote of confidence for the Shell FuelSave 95 via an official recommendation.

The 10 clubs involved in the event are the:
- Proton Ambassadors of Malaysia
- Myvi Gen.3 Club
- HR-V Club Malaysia
- Civic FC Club Malaysia
- Geng Alza Biru Malaysia
- Vios Yaris Owners Club
- Mazda 3 Owner Club Malaysia
- Kelab AruzR Malaysia
- Nissan X-Trail Club Malaysia
- Volkswagen Club Malaysia

There’re probably no better ambassadors for a fuel than very passionate petrolheads that demand only the best for their rides and will wholeheartedly recommend it to their peers if the product meets their stringent requirements.

Shell understands this and will continue to fuel over 50,000 car club members through an estimated 75,000km of driving with the new fuel via specially curated drive events as a showcase for its capabilities in real-world conditions.

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