Perodua Has Launched The Myvi In Mauritius, You’ll Need To Sit Down Again For The Price

Sat down already? It starts at RM81,300 over there… not as bad as Singapore but still a new Jazz

  • By: Dinesh
  • Wednesday, 7 August 2019
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Perodua Has Launched The Myvi In Mauritius, You’ll Need To Sit Down Again For The Price

Remember when Perodua launched the Myvi over at our southern neighbours and it cost a bomb? Well, the plucky Myvi has made it over the Indian Ocean to Mauritius and the price is still pretty staggering although nowhere near Singapore’s exorbitant tag.

The Myvi 1.3G AT goes for 699,000 Mauritian Rupees (RM81,300) while the 1.5H AT will be priced a pinch higher at 775,000 Mauritian Rupees (RM90,140).

Perodua has partnered up with local Raouf Dusmohamud & Co Ltd to bring the Myvi over to the scenic island and launch it last Friday at the local Defi Media Motor Show held at the Swami Vivekananda International Conference Centre.

“Perodua aims to export 3,270 cars in 2019; a 50 per cent increase over last year’s 2,184 units. So far, this year we have sold over 1,600 units outside Malaysia and launched the Myvi and Axia in Singapore and the Seychelles respectively.”

“The Myvi’s Mauritian debut should edge us closer to our year-end export target and boost Perodua’s brand exposure internationally, what with Mauritius being a major tourist destination,” said Perodua President and chief executive officer Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad.

“We’re sweetening the ownership package for our valued customers by offering free servicing up to 30,000 km with every Myvi purchase, which we are now also extending to all the other Perodua models in our current line-up, namely the Alza, Axia and Bezza,” added Raouf Dusmohamud & Co Ltd’s Managing Director, whom the company is named after.

The Myvi is now available in three export markets. It’s sold in Indonesia as the Daihatsu Sirion while in Singapore and now Mauritius, it retains the Myvi badge.

Interestingly, Mauritius is one of Perodua’s oldest export markets with close to 2,400 units sold there since 1996. That means models such as the Kancil, Rusa, Kembara, Kenari, Kelisa, first- and second-generation Myvi, Viva and presently the Alza, Axia and Bezza have all found homes in the tourist destination.

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