Art Of Speed – Putting The Kulture In “Kustom Kulture”

Think of it as the 1Malaysia of modified vehicles

  • By: Dinesh
  • Thursday, 8 August 2019
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Art Of Speed – Putting The Kulture In “Kustom Kulture”

The various races in our humble little home constitutes just a small portion of what makes us Malaysian, or 1Malaysia, as the term has spread like bubble tea. In fact, it’s the rich culture and heritage that is the foundation of 1Malaysia.

Unfortunately, the modification scene in the country doesn’t always reflect the 1Malaysia theme the people have worked diligently on. Similar genres and vehicles tend to get clannish and although that’s inevitable, having all the various facets of our modification culture come together would be the ultimate gathering.

Thus far, there’s only one single show that can lay claim to being the 1Malaysia of the modification scene here; the Art of Speed (AoS). Hell, even its catchphrase is pretty fitting; Kustom Kulture.

Many of us focus on the Kustom part of it and to an extent, that’s truly what the show is all about; customisation, but in reality, the Kulture is what AoS is all about. It ropes in varying modification cultures from around the globe and houses them under a single roof over a weekend which is the best representation of the melting pot of the custom and modification scene of our shores.

This year marks its eighth run over the 27-28 July 2019 weekend at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS). As always, the crowd grew with over 55,000 people walking through the gates.

They came to catch some of the feature vehicles such as:
- Heiwa Motorcycle (Japan) and their BMW R9T Custom, which was commissioned by BMW Motorrad
- Moon of Japan 1961 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery “PANTASTIC”
- Hot Dock Custom Cycles (Japan) with their 1948 FL Harley-Davidson Custom “StG Nautilus”

As we’ve explained, it goes beyond the vehicles at AoS. The list of international guests is what sets it apart from the other shows of our shores. While most manage to get a handful of big names to grace their events, guests here got to meet and greet the likes of:
- Shige Suganuma, Hiro “Wildman” Ishii & Masakazu “Pan” Sumi from Mooneyes
- Oliver Jones Grayson a.k.a. The Cutrate; USA (Winner of Born Free 2019)
- Shaik Ridzwan a.k.a. The Mighty Motor; USA
- Geoffrey Douglas Baldwin from Return of the Café Racers; Australia
- Chris Cooper from Fuel Tank; Australia
- Matthew Everingham from; Australia
- Marlon Slack from Pipeburn; Australia
- Makoto Watanabe from Chopper Journal Magazine; Japan
- Makoto Ukai from Model Cars & Let’s Play VW Magazine; Japan
- Daisuke Katsumura & Satoshi Furuuchi from Kousoku Yuen Magazine & Street VW Magazine; Japan
- Kanda Manabu from Kalifornia Look Magazine, Japan
- Yasuo Sekijima from Vibes Magazine; Japan
- Kengo Kimura from Heiwa Motorcycles; Japan
- Keiji Kawakita from Hot Dock Custom Cycles; Japan
- The Nash from Burnout Magazine; Japan
- Daisuke Sakon from Kustomstyle; Japan
- Kenichiro Kaneko from Truck Masters Show; Japan
- Kenji Hasegawa from Orion Ace; Japan
- The Bell; Japan
- Makoto M&K Custom Signs; Japan
- Ken Takano from Ken’s Art Kustom Garage; Japan
- Jeffrey Chang from MOONEYES Taiwan
- Lou Nozaki from Beetle Helmet; Japan

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