Keep Your Engines Cool With Petronas Syntium And Cooltech

The new Syntium range is formulated to keep excessive engine heat at bay

  • By: Dinesh
  • Friday, 27 September 2019
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Keep Your Engines Cool With Petronas Syntium And Cooltech

Heat is among an engine’s nemesis. Keeping heat on a tight leash can not only improve performance but also increase the engine’s lifespan. Petronas Lubricants Marketing Malaysia has turned its focus on this very adversary of engines with the Petronas Syntium with CoolTech lubricant range.

They claim it’s been specifically formulated to curb excessive engine heat to improve efficiency and longevity.

The Syntium with CoolTech range comprises:
Syntium 500 (Mineral): 5W-30, SAE 15W-40, SAE 10W-30
Syntium 800 (Semi-Syn): 5W-30, SAE 10W-40
Syntium 3000 (Fully-Syn): 5W-40
Syntium 3000 E (Fully-Syn): 5W-30
Syntium 5000 E (Fully-Syn): 5W-50
Syntium 7000 Hybrid (Fully-Syn): 0W-20 (Ultimate Series)
Syntium 7000 (Fully-Syn): 0W-16, SAE 0W-20, SAE 0W-40 (Ultimate Series)

As you can tell from the extremely low viscosity ratings of the Syntium 7000 series, it’s specifically developed for hybrid engines and is a Petronas first.

Modern driving conditions present more stress on an engine and all these factors were taken into consideration. CoolTech is effectively a tech with strong oil chains that absorb and transfer heat away from critical engine parts whilst maintaining the oil’s structural and protective integrity to ensure the protective film of oil on the components surface remains consistent.

Independent testing has demonstrated that the Syntium with CoolTech range has an eight per cent improvement in thermal resistance, over 50 per cent increase in resistance to engine wear and up to 15 per cent better protection against deposit build-up.

Petronas lubricants meet the latest API SN Plus specifications that govern protecting against Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) for turbocharged direct-injection petrol powered vehicles.

Following a disappointing fourth place finish at the weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 driver and five-time (FIA) Formula One World Champion; Lewis Hamilton, graced the launch of his team’s title sponsor to share some views on the working relationship between Petronas and the Formula One team.

“Petronas Syntium Lubricants plays such a crucial role in the cooling of our engines and supports us in achieving results on track. The teamwork between our technical organisations has been outstanding, and it’s reassuring to know that we have the best and most reliable fluid for our engines.”

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