The Only Thing The Renault Captur Trophy Shares With The Megane RS Trophy Is Its Last Name

The only thing it’ll do faster is load the groceries because of the powered tailgate

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  • Tuesday, 12 November 2019
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The Only Thing The Renault Captur Trophy Shares With The Megane RS Trophy Is Its Last Name

Renault has tacked on the Trophy name to its little B-segment Captur SUV to give us the Limited Edition Captur Trophy. Don’t be fooled by the Trophy name though, it’s only faster over the regular Captur in whipping its tailgate open because the Trophy has a powered one.

Only a limited number of units are available and the main purpose is to “inject sports appeal to Europe’s best-selling B-segment crossover” in Malaysia… and of course try to sell more units in general.

Apart from the powered tailgate, the Captur Trophy also offers a few eye-catching additions in the form of a vibrant Orange Trophy colour inspired by the Megane RS’ Orange Tonic signature shade, sporty front and rear bumper spoiler in gun metal and 3D chequered flag decals on the sides.

The Limited Edition Captur Trophy is available at no price increase from the base Captur at RM107,980 (on-the-road inclusive of SST, without insurance, for Peninsular Malaysia and private individual registration only).

This however might just be the best reason to buy the Captur Trophy; if you’ve ever dreamt of getting behind the wheel of the Megane RS for a few days, five lucky customers who purchase a Renault Captur Trophy will get the chance to take the new Megane R.S. home for one month.

Who wouldn’t want to drive one of the most iconic and fastest hot hatches around?

If you’re unsure about outright purchasing the Captur Trophy, you can lease it under the Renault Subscription service. Under the Fixed Plan, the Captur Trophy is available from RM1,499 monthly for the two-year subscription package and RM1,699 monthly for the one-year plan.

If you opt for the Switch Prime Plan, you can have the Captur Trophy as an everyday vehicle with access to the Koleos and Megane RS for a total of four months every year.

For more information about the Limited Edition Captur Trophy and Renault in Malaysia, please visit or

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