What To Buy A Petrolhead For Christmas – Part 2

Still scratching your head on what to get your car-enthusiast loved one for Christmas? Well, we’ve got you once again fam

  • By: Dinesh
  • Tuesday, 17 December 2019
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What To Buy A Petrolhead For Christmas – Part 2

We’re a lot closer to Christmas now and the last-minute rush to buy gifts is hitting V-max at shopping malls. It’s madness but even more maddening is how you’re still dumbfounded on what to buy your petrolhead loved one.

Granted, our first list might have leaned more than a pinch towards something only an enthusiast might be able to avoid buying the wrong item. So, we’ve decided to redeem ourselves and come up with a list that’s easier for the civilian (non-petrolhead) to shop with.

1. Hulagirl dash bobble figurine

This one never gets old. You can splurge on the traditional hula girl dash bobblehead or even some much cooler ones like Top Gear’s Stig or some comic characters.

2. Automotive apparel

Nothing quite screams “I’m a petrolhead” like gearing up in automotive-themed apparel. Apart from the usual T-shirts, you can even get something a little more discreet such as these awesome lapel buttons custom made from the wheels of Hot Wheels diecasts that function perfectly as cufflinks of Baju Melayu buttons.

3. Detailed car artwork – Strut & Spoke

Interior deco doesn’t have to be limited to mundane stuff from Ikea. Some detailed technical artwork or posters; such as these from Strut & Spoke, of their favourite cars would make for the perfect wall piece in the mancave at home or to brighten up their office cubicle.

4. Lego Speed Champions series

This one goes without saying. Lego has made every manchilds’s dream come true with its Speed Champions series that turns some iconic cars into Lego models. You can find a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, Ferrari F40 Competizione, McLaren Senna and many more in the current collection. You'll find plenty on Lazada or just head over to the Lego stores in shopping malls.

5. Automotive books

If sitting back with a cup of coffee and reading a good book is more of their thing, there’re plenty of solid reads that cover all facets of the automotive world. From racing (Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans) to the industrial side (The Toyota Way) or even a Hayne’s manual, there’s a paperback for every petrolhead.

6. Automotive video games

Let’s face it, there’s a better chance that Taylor Swift will date us than we might own our dream cars. Most of them are just way beyond our financial reach. How else can you get a feel for them? Video games. If your loved already has a console at home, some killer driving games like Forza or Gran Turismo will be the perfect gift for a taste of their dream machines.

7. Spotify subscription

You know what else can really set the mood for a spirited drive or road trip? Music. It sooths the savage beast so why not the one behind the wheel as well? You’ll find plenty of driving-centric playlists on Spotify so why not get your loved one a subscription to set the perfect ambience for their time on the road. Just walk into any 7-Eleven and get a git card for a month or even half a year.

8. Touch ‘n Go Photocard

If they already have a Smart Tag or its alternative, why not a personalised Touch ‘n Go card with their photo on it or better yet, a photo of them standing by the side of their majestic machine? Easy to get done and something that’ll surely bring a smile to their face that they might even forget how much they’re shelling out for toll every time they pass a gantry.

9. Petrol gift voucher

Every car needs petrol to move… well almost every car (sorry Elon). Believe us when we say, there’s nothing that brings more joy to a petrolhead than a full tank of petrol. We’re really simple creatures. So drop by a petrol station and get a gift card to put in our stocking if you’re really out of ideas on what to get.

10. Boot organiser

This is one for the OCD petrolheads. Nobody likes a mess in the cabin but it’s simply a necessity to carry certain items around, especially if the car doubles up as the family mover. Of if you had to unearth a ton of shoes to find somewhere to put your feet on the floor the last time you got a ride, a boot organiser is a simple and affordable gift to tidy up the cabin. Lazada and Shopee are your friends.

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