The GT4CLusso T Is A Fast Ferrari For Four

When you’re feeling magnanimous enough to take three more in your Ferrari for a long-distance drive, the GT4CLusso T is the car for you

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The GT4CLusso T Is A Fast Ferrari For Four

The constantly twitchy tail of the Ferrari GT4CLusso T, especially when driving full-on around the corners, is a suitable replacement for strong espresso. The playful rear keeps the drive engaging with a good measure of butt-clenching on the tighter turns. Incidentally, the Lusso T’s is made to be rear-heavy. 54% of its weight is concentrated at the back, and the front receives only 46%.

At the other end, the Lusso T’s nose is planted to the ground, full of grip, continually sniffing the edges of the border between tarmac and grass. There’s a good deal of response from the quick-acting steering wheel, so much so that a flick of the wrist results in significant frontal action. But it is this same hair-line precision that lets me fine-tune the trajectory, even in mid-corner.

You might think that the GT4CLusso T has four-wheel drive when it is mostly orchestrated by the four-wheel steer or 4WS. In fast corners, the 4WS pivots the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels, effectively lengthening the car to add stability. In slower corners, the 4WS pivots in the opposite direction, shortening the length of the Lusso T to make going around it more manageable. 

Wrap the 4WS with the 46:54% weight distribution, the Magnaride SCM-E dampers and ESP 9.0 inside Side Slip Control (or SSC3) box, and you have a front-engine rear-wheel-drive Ferrari that is eager on the entry, nimble in the middle and steady on the exit.

The Lusso T’s ride is firmly flat but not rock hard nor pillowy soft. You can adjust how hard the dampers treat your spine via the Magnaride, but Sport offers the best between firm and supple. It is undoubtedly good for the bombing the back roads and excellently comfortable for driving long distances. 

As good as the Lusso T is on twisting roads, the grand tourer feels most at home on the open road where it can be immensely fast. The Ferrari settles down just below 2,000rpm with the speedo’s needle pointing well above the national limit. Yet, with the lightest of touches on the throttle, the Ferrari will release the 3.9-litre turbocharged V8 onto the road. 

The amalgamation of new pistons and con-rods, flat-plane crankshaft and compact twin-scroll turbines — to name three out of more than a two handfuls of new engine tech — results in a potent V8 engine that generates 601hp at 7,500rpm and 760Nm from 3,000rpm to 5,250rpm. 

The engine is paired with a seven-speed F1 DCT where it takes orders from the Variable Boost Management software that distributes torque to match the selected gear. From the third gear upwards, you’ll get an increasing portion of the torque until you reach the seventh gear with 760Nm at your disposal. As long as you’re somewhere in the middle of the RPM, the acceleration will dilate pupils and silences everyone in the car.

It all sums up to the Ferrari doing 0-100kph in 3.5 seconds and 0-200kph in 10.8 seconds. Because this is a grand tourer, the range also comes into play. The GT4CLusso T needs 11.6l per 100km; its fuel tank will hold 91 litres of the best Essence of Extinct Reptiles.

You’ll be travelling in comfort, inside a cabin that makes you feel extraordinary. It’s not just because of the brand image but also the feel of high quality on the leathers, the threads and the carbon fibres. It does its very best to feel spacious, too, without losing the snugness of a supercar. 

Between the wheels of this 2,990mm wheelbase car are four seats. Four proper places; although those who shop exclusively for medium-size clothes will find more stretching space than someone wearing XL t-shirts.

The front passenger will see more of the action. The Lusso T’s interior shows off the new Dual Cockpit architecture concept. In front of the front passenger is an 8.8-inch full-colour touchscreen. It lets the front passenger can also scan the car’s data, change the music and do other things that might aid the driver like a good ‘co-pilot’ would. Perhaps, this is done because the driver already has his hands full, literally.

The steering looks busy, and if you’re jumping behind the wheel of a Ferrari for the first time, it gets overwhelming. Immediately, you’ll notice that there are no wiper or indicator stalks. Instead, they now share real estate with the manettino, engine start/stop button and the phone controls on the small flat-bottomed steering wheel.

Although the Prancing Horse is better known for its two-seater, neck-straining, eye-popping supercars, the Lusso T might look like an outsider. But its appeal lies with its long body that wears a shooting-brake styling, an interior that is spacious enough for four and all the dynamics a supercar should have. The GT4CLusso T has all that and more, making this car a highly impressive Ferrari.

Specification: Ferrari GT4CLusso T

Engine 3,855cc, V8, 90-degree turbo | Transmission 7-speed F1 DCT, 4-wheel steer | Power & Torque 601hp @ 7,500rpm / 760Nm @ 3,000-5,250rpm | Performance 0-100kph in 3.5s, 0-200kph in 10.8s, 100-0kph in 33m, 200-0kph in 137m, max speed more than 320kph, 11.6l/100km, 265 gCO2/km | Price RM1,078,00.00 without taxes, duties and customisation | Score 9/10

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