6 Underground Saves The Best For The Year’s Last In Cargasm Movies

Starring Ryan Reynolds, directed by Michael Bay and loaded with the weird and wacky of iconic cars… 2019 could very well be the year of proper car tributes on the silver screen

  • By: Dinesh
  • Monday, 23 December 2019
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6 Underground Saves The Best For The Year’s Last In Cargasm Movies

Looking back on 2019, it’s been a pretty generous year for total cargasm movies. However, apparently the silver screen petrolheads weren’t quite done yet, saving the best for last. The Netflix original 6 Underground might be an action film first and foremost but it’s got enough interesting vehicles and action sequences for a shot at the top.

Directed by Michael Bay, 6 Underground is essentially a show reel of his signature “Bayhem” directing technique. The initial 20 minutes contain more action than most movies in its entirety and only serves to set the narrative for the rest of the show.

Of course, you’ll all hark back to Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw as “the” cargams movie of the year but let’s not forget that the epic Ford v Ferrari currently occupies the top spot of 2019’s automotive movie list.

Those are the usual suspects yes, but rounding up the rest of the list are some rather unwitting suspects in the shape of John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum (there’s even an actual horse), Zombieland: Double Tap and The Irishman. One of the more forgettable ones would be Trading Paint and if you haven’t heard of it, we suggest you keep it that way even if it stars John Travolta.

But yes, there you have it. A pretty impressive list of movies, not just with interesting cars but some wild action sequences as well.

However, we digress. Moving back to 6 Underground, the movie is unapologetically Bayhem to the tune of the first Transformers movie. You’ll find illogical stunts, cheesy dialogue and plenty of unique angles of women in tight dresses (think Megan Fox in Transformers).

Netflix signed one of its largest cheques so far for any of its own films to Bay and in true Bayhem, it appears he’s used the money mostly on explosives and even more explosives.

Next to Reynolds, the four-wheeled protagonist would be the lime green Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio that has a hydraulic handbrake to kick the rear end out in getaway situations. The only difference is that the hydraulic lever isn’t hidden. Dave Franco plays the role of over-enthusiastic getaway driver perfectly and is filmed yanking the lever to make the rear come about and execute tight turns.

It’s refreshingly honest as every pedantic petrolhead knows turns like that can’t be accomplished with the pathetic electronic parking brake.

Apart from the Alfa, 6 Underground boasts an automotive cast comprising a BMW M5 E60, a fifth-gen Maserati Quattroporte, a Subaru WRX STI and a W204 Mercedes-AMG C63 wagon. There’ll never be another petrol-powered cast quite like this again.

Of course, Franco isn’t Keanu Reeves so he didn’t perform the stunts himself. Most of the Alfa stunts was carried out by Formula Drift winner Fredric Aasbo; which explains the sideways shenanigans.

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