Douchebag Ferrari Is Suing A Charity To Get The Naming Rights For Its First-Ever SUV

It’s only February but Ferrari is making a strong case for itself to be named scumbag of 2020

  • By: Dinesh
  • Tuesday, 4 February 2020
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Douchebag Ferrari Is Suing A Charity To Get The Naming Rights For Its First-Ever SUV

Its paltry Formula One exploits might be beyond its control but this definitely isn't and won't be good for its image.

Ferrari has been pulling some dickhead moves lately, flexing its financial muscle in courts to strong arm owners into “conforming with what a Ferrari should look like.” Just ask DJ Deadmau5 as the carmaker threatened legal action against him for building a “Purrari.”

Now though, Maranello has achieved new levels of scumbaggery. The degenerates are about to sue an Italian charity named “Purosangue” due to the name being identical to Ferrari’s upcoming SUV that doesn’t quite have a launch date even.

Per the Financial Times, the non-profit outfit’s lawyers have confirmed that Ferrari has filed a lawsuit against it following the failure of both parties to reach an out-of-court agreement for the trademark ownership.

Purosangue has held the trademark for the name since 2013 and is registered with in Italy as well as with the U.K Charity Commission for a few years now. It does appear that Ferrari and the charity held negotiations prior to the courts being involved but couldn’t reach an amicable solution.

The sleazebags from Maranello are apparently attempting to exploit a legal loophole in Italian courts pertaining to dormant brands as the basis for the lawsuit states that the Purosangue charity “hasn't been used much during the past five years.”

Of course, the charity has countered that; stating its name has been in constant use; most recently with Adidas who produces its line of clothes and footwear.

A quick perusal of the charity’s website shows that he outfit’s goal is to “improve the living conditions of many people through running and athletics” and supporting “young talents” towards success. Furthermore, they aim to do so from “trusting their own strengths, the persistence and will of reaching important goals without the use of performance-enhancing drugs.” So, effectively Purosangue is an anti-doping charity for promising athletes.

However Maranello attempts to spin it, you’ll always come out tarnished if you sue a charity that hasn’t done anything wrong. Plus, it’s just a name. Ferrari can always find another one.

A Bologna court judge is expected to make a ruling sometime early next month.

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