Volkswagen Slips On Some Tarik Jeans So The Malayan Tapir Won’t Taper Off

Apart from saving the Malayan Tapir, you’ll also be saving your fashion sense with the streetwear

  • By: Dinesh
  • Friday, 21 February 2020
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Volkswagen Slips On Some Tarik Jeans So The Malayan Tapir Won’t Taper Off

The Malayan Tapir is an endangered species. Estimates place their numbers in the 3,000 region. Based on what we’ve seen out on the streets, fashion sense appears to be headed in the same direction of the dodo bird as well. Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) wants to save both of those; although the former is a priority.

So, they’ve teamed up with local denim streetwear brand, Tarik Jeans, to raise funds and awareness for the endangered Malayan Tapir as well as a sense of fashion for the rest of us. How are they doing that you ask?

Well, the they’ve come up with an exclusively designed capsule collection, “Modern Nostalgia,” that was launched today and is available for purchase on a myriad of platforms.

The limited-edition collection obviously features key elements from both brands that sees modern and iconic Volkswagen models married with local classic and vintage design elements. You’ll find an entire wardrobe worth of wear in the collection; T-shirts, caps, bandanas, tote bags, key chains and clothing patches.

“The Malayan Tapir is an endangered species here, together with the Malayan tigers, Borneo elephants or orangutans. As ‘gardeners of the rainforest’, the tapir plays a crucial role in maintaining the biological diversity of their habitat as they help disperse and fertilize seeds much needed for the reproduction of trees,” said Erik Winter, Managing Director of VPCM.

According to Afiq Iskandar, Founder and CEO of Tarik Jeans, “The Malayan Tapir has always been part of the Tarik design aesthetics so much so that it was added as the brand’s logo, both created along the lines of our brand philosophy. In commemorating Tarik’s 10th year anniversary, we are honoured to partner with an innovative global automotive brand such as Volkswagen. ‘Modern Nostalgia’ as a capsule collection speaks a lot about the archetypal Volkswagen models and Tarik’s penchant for the retro-futurism Malaysian design scheme.”

Of course, it looks cool. So, where can you buy it? Merchandise from the collection can be purchased on Volkswagen’s and Tarik Jeans’ website, Shopee, Zalora or at all Volkswagen authorised dealers nationwide. A total of 50 per cent of all proceeds generated from the sales of this campaign will be donated to the Kenaboi Forest Reserve in Negeri Sembilan on World Tapir Day this 27th April.

The Malayan tapir is the only Asian species native to the island of Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia and Southern Thailand with a distinctive coat pattern. The tapir has a lifespan of up to 30 years, but agricultural developments and deforestation, being hunted for food and sport and illegal animal trafficking have resulted in an alarming decrease in their numbers.

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