What’s A Petrolhead To Do During The Restricted Movement Order?

Spend the RMO furnishing your beloved with a little TLC to keep it ready to rip once we’re free to roam the roads again

  • By: Dinesh
  • Tuesday, 24 March 2020
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What’s A Petrolhead To Do During The Restricted Movement Order?

We know it feels like there're ferocious T-Rex dinosaurs on the other side of the fence but in reality, there's something much worse... so please stay home during this period

Look, you’re an adult and we trust you’re smart enough to obey the Restricted Movement Order (RMO). Hell, even a five-year-old can comprehend the Prime Minister’s plea to just park your derriere within the confines of your property.

It really isn’t that hard at all people.

Now, if you’re a petrolhead and that craving to drive towards the sunset is slowly but surely creeping in and you’re beginning to show withdrawal symptoms from a lack of driving (pictured above), we came up with a little list of time-killers for you; the petrolhead, to take your mind off things but not off your beloved car. Now that it's the second week of the RMO, it's about time you stop counting how many tiles your house has.

1. Wipe it clean

No, not your butt though you should keep that clean too… bidet over toilet paper. We know toilet paper is a precious commodity now (though that just might discourage aliens from invading us if you hoard it). We meant give your car a good wash and detail.

Whip out the car shampoo, some microfibre towels, a vacuum cleaner and whatever else you feel might be useful. There’s no better time to really get into all those nooks and crannies to get years of road grime out.

Don’t skimp on certain spots you feel aren’t worth it, no excuses. Now’s the time to really get on your knees give the old girl a good wash. Speaking of on your knees, if you’re feeling especially anal, you can even whip out some cotton buds and wipe the air-conditioning vents clean. There’s really no better time.

We suggest starting with the interior and working your way out to the exterior. That way every clean bit won’t be contaminated with dirt once done and you can leave your car spick and span for when we’re allowed to roam the open road again. If you have a car cover, throw that on after when the body panels are all dry.

2. Learn to DIY some basic repairs


Always wished you could repair some of the basic stuff on your car instead of having to send it to the workshop all the time? Well, YouTube and a basic tool kit are your best friends during this RMO.

Afraid you might crack one of the clips or plastic tabs on the interior panels while removing them? Again, YouTube will definitely have a video on how to do it the right way and avoid some man-tears.

You can start with the small bits such as changing a burnt light bulb before moving onto some of the heavy hitters like attempting some paint correction on scratches. If you even have the parts at home, feel free to try an oil change or replacing the brake pads. YouTube will have the video, trust us.

3. No more Netflix and chill, it’s Astro and RMO

Sorry Netflix but “Netflix and chill is so last year. As we do our best to stave off going mad during the RMO, Astro has done its part to keep us informed and entertained by offering complimentary viewing of all its movie channels for the duration of the RMO.

That’s right folks, it’s time for some Astro and RMO.

Now we understand that not all the movies relate to cars or racing but hey, once you’re done washing your car and fixing it, you’ll need to kick back and relax a little.

Do that with the new season of “Westworld” on HBO, blockbuster movies such as “Avengers: End Game” on Fox Movies, “Parasite” on tvN Movies and many more. Not just that, you can even stream the shows anytime, anywhere with the Astro GO app.

The complimentary viewing ends at 11:59PM on 31 March 2020 so make the most of it.

4. Racing games

If you can hit the open road for real, why not get some time behind the wheel (yes, we did) in a virtual environment. Whip out that PlayStation, Xbox or Switch and download your favourite racing games online. Yes, it’ll cost some money but aren’t you saving quite a bit by staying home this next week or so?

The PlayStation Store is having a sale so drop that credit card on it like it’s hot… just don’t go overboard.

Assetto Corsa is for the detail-oriented petrolhead with the ability to tweak virtually anything. If you prefer some carnage with less thinking involved, give FlatOut 4: Total Insanity a go. Since the 2020 Formula 1 season is pretty much down the crapper, F1 2019 is your best shot.

If you have a Switch at home, you know it’s time to brush up on that Mario Kart.

5. Search for your dream car or parts wish list online


Alright alright, we do this all the time at home or in the office anyways but hey, now you can do it without the guilt weighing over you. Go crazy looking for your dream car if money was but a distant prickle.

Or if you’ve been in the market for a new ride, now’s the time to really compile a list of the available units for sale and start contacting the owners on WhatsApp to narrow down the shortlist. Everyone’s more or less at home

Oh, you already own your dream ride but you’ve been craving that new set of wheels or the burble of a new exhaust system? Well well well, we have some good news for you. Now’s the time to start that search online and see what’s available out there… zero guilt.

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