Drop Proton A WhatsApp To Catch Up With The 2020 X70

Get details, promotions and features of the refreshed SUV with the new chatbot feature on WhatsApp but it won’t respond to “Hi Proton” voice notes

  • By: Dinesh
  • Thursday, 9 April 2020
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Drop Proton A WhatsApp To Catch Up With The 2020 X70

We know you’re really bored out of your skulls at home during this Restricted Movement Order (RMO) so here’s someone new to chat with and kill some time while learning more about the 2020 Proton X70.

Fine, we stretched the truth a little there. If you’re just bored and in search of companionship online to escape the mundane days that just whisk into one another, try Tinder. If you’re in the market for the facelifted X70 that sports the new dual-clutch transmission, here’s how you find out more about the SUV.

Since visiting a dealer is now impossible (they’re all closed now anyways), Proton has launched a WhatsApp chatbot for prospective buyers to gain all the details, promotions and features of the 2020 X70.

It’s among the many initiatives by the carmaker to reach out towards customers without compromising their safety during this RMO.

However, the chatbot is rather elementary in interaction and only responds to numbers denoting the corresponding topics to proceed in relaying information. It won’t respond to natural language or questions. Simply put, this isn’t a WhatsApp version of Proton’s voice command system.

To access the feature, log onto (or click on the link itself) and be directed to WhatsApp chatbot. You’ll be prompted to press “Send” to start. Users will then receive a text from Proton that includes a variety of options for the latest information on the 2020 X70 that includes:
- Variants and Price
- Specifications
- Sales Offerings
- Trade-in Offers
- Proton Financing
- Register your interest

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