You’re Now Allowed To Get Your Car’s Engine And Yourself Groomed

On the upside of the Restricted Movement Order comes news that car workshops and hair salons can open their doors

  • By: Dinesh
  • Saturday, 11 April 2020
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You’re Now Allowed To Get Your Car’s Engine And Yourself Groomed

If you didn’t get a haircut before the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) and thought this might be a good time to let it grow out, you’re probably resembling Hagrid from the Harry Potter franchise more than Jason Momoa in Justice League.

Good news though, you’ll finally be able to get your hair and your car’s engine groomed as well since the Malaysian government announced some leeway for a few more businesses allowed to operate during the extended Restricted Movement Order (RMO).

Beginning 9am on 13 April 2020, businesses such as car workshops, car manufacturing factories and hair salons are among those critical services granted permission to reopen provided they apply for permits from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). So, don’t expect these businesses to be open at 9am on the dot this Monday.

Many would be delighted at the reopening of car workshops and aftersales service centres as any minor accidents or issues that have grounded their vehicles during this RMO can now be rectified. However, sales such as dealer showrooms have to remain shuttered.

As for those questioning the permission granted to automotive manufacturing plants, the caveat is that only those producing completed vehicles for export are allowed to operate.

Before you wake up early tomorrow to rush and get your car’s oil changed or your hair coiffed, please keep in mind the exceptions announced won’t be open yet.

Prior to getting approval from MITI to reopen, the application process on its website (click here) must include the businesses compliance standard to operating procedures detailed by the Ministry of Health.

Additionally, don’t expect major servicing or repair work to be carried out once your regular mechanic has reopened as the supply chain for parts is currently non-operational given that spare part shops are still closed. Nonetheless, it’s still going to help many consumers and businesses alike.

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