Ferrari Pulls Out All Stops To Support Local Communities

The Scuderia converts plant to produce valves for respirators and fittings for protective masks; donate all or part of their annual compensation to fund community initiatives.

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  • Tuesday, 28 April 2020
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Ferrari Pulls Out All Stops To Support Local Communities

Ferrari has been at the forefront of the Italian battle against COVID-19, continuously providing aid in cash and in-kind to local communities. The Prancing Horse has gone from trot to a full gallop in their efforts by using their Maranello plant to produce respirator valves and fittings for protective masks in support of health workers.   

Ferrari’s prototype production unit is producing these respirators and mask fittings using additive manufacturing technology. Some valves are created together with diving equipment manufacturer Mares. 

These fittings are supplied to Solid Energy, who will use them to repurpose Decathlon snorkel mask into aids for frontline health workers. The logistics and distribution of the project were handled by Nuovamacut Gruppo TeamSystem. 

In the next few days, Ferrari plans to manufacture several hundred items of equipment that are already being distributed by some of the companies involved, with the coordination of the Italian Civil Protection, to various Italian hospitals and health workers. 

In a more direct approach, Ferrari’s fundraiser has raised over €2 million with the help of the Chairman, CEO and Board of Directors pledging their full compensation from April till the end of the year. Ferrari Northern Europe has also confirmed that their Senior Management will be donating 25 per cent of their salaries from the same period to the fund. 

To date, the funds have been used to make significant contributions to the local community. Among the initiatives done by Ferrari include acquiring COVD-19 test kits and diagnostics equipment for clinics and hospitals in Modena, as well as purchasing food and essential items for struggling families affected by the emergency. 

Ferrari has also purchased notebooks, tablets and portable modems for local primary and secondary schools in Maranello, to ensure efficient management and participation in online lessons for the local children. 

Previously, Ferrari have teamed up with their clients to raise funds. But, with the end of the Coronavirus crisis still not in sight, how much more Ferrari can do to help?

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