Hofele HG Sport Is The Ultimate Baller-mobile Turned Up To Eleven

If you thought the Mercedes G63 AMG was over the top, wait till you see what Hofele has done

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  • Monday, 11 May 2020
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Hofele HG Sport Is The Ultimate Baller-mobile Turned Up To Eleven

Often the symbol of the extravagant lifestyle of wealthy wives, gangsters and the Kardashians, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is the prime example of gaudy capitalism at its finest. Constantly evolving over the past 40 years while maintaining its rugged military and utilitarian look, the G-Wagon, as it’s affectionately known, has morphed into this luxury performance barge for the ultra-wealthy. However, what if the “normal” G-Wagon wasn’t exclusive or luxurious enough. Well then, the Hofele HG Sport is just for you. 

Based on the already bonkers Mercedes-AMG G 63, Hofele has taken the liberty to add bespoke design features both inside and out. Although it looks the same at first glance, Hofele has redesigned the front bumper of the G 63 to include carbon fibre and dark shadow chrome elements. The massive bumper wraps around to the extended wheel arches finished with exposed carbon fibre, contrasting beautifully against the paint finish.

The most noticeable difference from the standard G 63 would be the absence of the Mercedes three-pointed star. Instead, it is replaced with the signature stylised “H” of the Hofele brand, mounted proudly on the huge Mercedes grille that can be finished in a choice of carbon, chrome or body colour. A low-profile roof shield above the windscreen incorporates LED beam lights that further add to the rugged utilitarian look. The rear of the HG Sport is available with an optional carbon fibre cover for the door-mounted spare wheel, which is a nice touch.

Along the sides, the HG Sport comes fitted with an insanely large 24-inch Cross Spoke forged alloy wheels custom designed in-house by Hofele. Integrated into the side sills are what Hofele say are the world’s first for a G 63, a “full length” HOFELE Electrically Deployable Side Steps. The G 63 AMG comes with side-exit exhaust pipes that hinder the use of full-length side steps. Hofele has come up with a unique and patented solution, whereby the side exhausts move with the side steps as they lower into place. This, along with the optional extra-wide opening rear doors, grant passengers a dignified ingress and egress from the tall vehicle with minimal difficulty. 

The interior of the HG Sport is truly a delightful place to be in. Hofele has worked their magic and completely enhanced the interior, replacing the standard five-seat layout with a triple row six-seat arrangement. However, Hofele themselves admit that space in the last row is tight, best suited for children or small adults, and that there is an obvious compromise with luggage capacity. That being said, the rear-most row is designed to be quite easily removed if needed. 

The standard Mercedes-Benz leather has been replaced with fully Bespoke leather. The example seen here is finished in “Berry-Red” and complemented with a unique stitching and perforation pattern, achieved with the use of the latest computer-controlled machines. With exquisite attention to detail, any area not covered by leather is compensated with anthracite Alcantara, including the headliners and seat backs. Carbon fibre inserts dot the cabin to emphasise the “Sport” in its style. 

Overall, Hofele has done an exquisite job in enhancing every aspect of the G 63, save for the powertrain, bringing it to a higher level of luxury and exclusivity. CEO of Hofele, Stuart Whitemore stated that this particular HG Sport has already been sold, with the next two orders already being built. 

Current owners of the G 350d, G 500 and the G 63 need not be envious for Hofele will upgrade your G-Wagon to the HG Sport specification. Yes, the full-length Electric Side-Step is included in the package as well. 

The HG Sport is the third vehicle to be released this year, with the other two being bespoke versions of the Mercedes-Benz EQC and E 53 AMG Cabriolet. There will be a second, all-new design for the G-Wagon slated for launch later this year. This is an impressive feat considering the relatively small size of Hofele’s operations. All three models were due to be launched this year at the Geneva Motor Show, which was abruptly cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In a time where conservatism and minimalism take centre stage, it is brands like Hofele that remind us that it’s okay to be flamboyant. Individualistic design and customisation will never go out of style… so long as you have the cash to pay for it.


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