Prepare To Have Your Gaming Experience And Wallets Blown With Gran Turismo 7

Right after Sony previewed the PlayStation 5, Gran Turismo stepped up as a reminder to start saving as Christmas is coming

  • By: Dinesh
  • Friday, 12 June 2020
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Prepare To Have Your Gaming Experience And Wallets Blown With Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo is back and obviously better with Gran Turismo 7, set to be released among the first few games to support the new Sony PlayStation 5 console previewed earlier today.

Polyphony Digital didn’t let too much out of the bag but from the three minutes and a little more shown, the simulator has taken racing replication to a meticulous level; blurring the lines between real and digitally created.

Gran Turismo 7 retains the same modus operandi of previous games, displaying the Campaign mode in a 3D map. Many other familiar aspects of the game will be back as well, including Tuning Part from Understeer Engineering, Missions, Special Events, Used Car and the Scapes photo mode.

However, it appears that Polyphony have integrated some new features to the Campaign mode such as GT Café, GT Auto and GT World.

The preview makes it clear that the new version is a dead ringer for the current Gran Turismo Sport with the heads-up display packing a mound of information from the tachometer, mileage and speed to live pressure displays of the accelerator and braking. You’ll also be able to catch the daily mileage, experience and lap times on the upper menu of Campaign mode.

Diehard Gran Turismo fans would’ve have definitely caught the familiar layout of Trial Mountain circuit, a staple of the gaming franchise since the Gran Turismo launched in 1997. If metal is more of your thing, you’ll find the most desirable and drool-worthy cars in the game, from the unmistakable Gulf-liveried Porsche 917 to more modern blood like Honda NSX, Chevrolet Corvette GT3 and onto the timeless lines of the Jaguar E-Type. Single-seater wannabes will love the Bac Mono's inclusion.

There’s no denying though that the star of the preview was the gorgeous Mazda RX Vision GT3 Concept in Soul Red Crystal.

The PlayStation 5 itself supports 4K video, faster processing speeds and more advanced hardware. It’s expected to debut just in time for the Christmas period this year, so better start behaving because the estimated pricing is about $500 (RM2,100).

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