Eat, Sleep, Sit And Now Breathe JDM With The Bride Face Masks

This is the only way to flex once car meets resume

  • By: Dinesh
  • Wednesday, 1 July 2020
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Eat, Sleep, Sit And Now Breathe JDM With The Bride Face Masks

One of the most important mods you can do with a car meant for spirited driving is a proper seat with the right bolstering on the sides of your upper body and thighs to keep you in place during high-G cornering. There are only two names that come to mind and one of them has capitalised on the Covid-19 pandemic with its own branded face masks.

Bride seats are as synonymous with the tuning scene as nitrous oxide is with the Fast & Furious franchise. The racing seat manufacturer has been keeping drivers’ derrieres planted since 1981 and now, it’s about to help you pull some major flex at the next post-pandemic car meet with its self-branded face mask.

In typical Japanese efficiency, the BR3D mask will be manufactured from the scraps during the seat production process to keep wastage minimal. The mask will have four layers comprising polyester and UV-protection fabric with the outer layer composed from the aforementioned scraps. They discarded the usual elastic bands for the straps, replacing them with satin for comfort.

Bride assures users that unlike typical reusable masks, the inner layer of its mask will remain cool and be comfortable for use in the hotter, humid climates found in our region.

Of course, the Bride logo will be displayed prominently on the front because how else will your fellow petrolheads see your massive flexing if the branding isn’t present; especially after you’ve paid 3,800 Yen (RM152) for it.

Yes, it’s pricey. What else did you expect? On the bright side, you can probably sell it for a whole lot more in about 10 years as anything “vintage JDM” is going for ridiculous prices.

Right now, the initial batch is predictably completely sold out but you can always keep an eye on sites like Nengun to order the next batch. That’ll give you time to save up for it too.

Remember, your first post-pandemic car meet isn’t complete without this mask.

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