The Saga Anniversary Edition Might Be The Perfect Car For The Harimau Malaya Team

Coinciding with the 35th anniversary of the Saga, Proton is giving it the special edition treatment and not much else

  • By: Dinesh
  • Wednesday, 8 July 2020
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The Saga Anniversary Edition Might Be The Perfect Car For The Harimau Malaya Team

Covid-19, murder hornets, the reemergence of the bubonic plague in China, the United States of America confirming UFOs, Kobe Bryant’s passing and the annual haze courtesy of neighbours Indonesia… 2020 hasn’t been off to a good start.

Therefore, we’ll take any modicum of good news thrown our way. One little example is that 2020 marks the 35th anniversary of the Proton Saga. It ain’t much but any morale boost; regardless of how miniscule it is, will be welcomed with open arms.

So, please spread your arms wide for the 2020 Proton Saga Anniversary Edition that’ll debut tomorrow morning, 9 July 2020, at 10.35am; coinciding with the anniversary of the original Saga bumper besi.

Proton has teased the special edition model on its Facebook page and you can catch its debut on the same platform or YouTube tomorrow.

Although meant to celebrate the Saga, it sure looks like our national football team, the Harimau Malaya, had plenty of input as the car will be finished in black with yellow accents generously sprinkled inside and out.

You’ll find yellow trimmings on the side-view mirrors, underlining the grille, front bumper lip, side skirt lips and rear bumper lip, instrument cluster bezels and air-conditioning vents. The teased silhouette also points towards a lip spoiler on the boot. Don’t be surprised to find some yellow piping on the seats as well for a dash of sportiness.

As with most special editions from Proton, don’t expect the Saga’s game to improve; meaning no mechanical changes. That’s still 94hp and 120Nm of torque under the hood sent through the new four-speed auto.

There’s some healthy hints that the Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing provided the styling hints here but stops short of mechanical motivation for the Saga Anniversary Edition.

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