Proton Saga Anniversary Edition Marks The N95 Cabin Filter For All Proton Models

Nobody expected anything more than the cosmetics treatment but on the bright side, existing Proton owners can upgrade to the N95 filter now

  • By: Dinesh
  • Thursday, 9 July 2020
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Proton Saga Anniversary Edition Marks The N95 Cabin Filter For All Proton Models

If you were a betting man and liked losing, you’d have gone with the teased Proton Saga Anniversary Edition having more than just cosmetic upgrades to mark the 35th year of the model. You’d have lost that bet… unless you consider the N95 cabin filter to be something more substantial than the superficial stripes.

Now that the limited-edition Saga has been unveiled and you’ve accepted that your theoretical money is gone, we can delve into the brief reasons the Saga Anniversary Edition is “different.”

Only 1,100 units will be built. They’ll all definitely find homes pretty quick since pricing is the same as the Saga 1.3 Premium AT that it’s based on; RM39,300 after the SST exemptions.

You can have the model in any colour you want, so long as its Quartz Black. Contrasting the black are yellow highlights on the front and rear bumper lips, the side skirt lips, side-view mirrors and outlines of the front grille.

Proton didn’t give it new wheels, retaining the same design as found on the Saga Premium but gave it a respray to matte grey as compared with the regular silver. Wouldn’t have hurt to make the wheels black with some yellow accenting in keeping with the theme, don’t you think?

Inside, you’ll find no deviation from theme with dark fabric upholstery and a sprinkling of yellow on the air-conditioning vent tabs, the storage compartment below the central vents and the instrument cluster bezels.

It doesn’t end there if you’re willing to splash a little more cash. Launched alongside the Saga Anniversary Edition was the 35th Anniversary Accessories package that’s open to all 2019 Saga buyers.

The package comprises front skirting, side skirtings, door visors, a hood insulator, boot lid cover and a boot tray. Get the package for just RM2,035 and save RM315 as purchasing those accessories individually will cost you RM2,350.

However, its pertinent you remember this before purchasing the package for your regular Saga. The exterior bits can only be had in yellow. Please consider the colour of your Saga before dropping the money on the accessories.

Now onto the most important upgrade here; the N95 cabin filter, that is now available for all existing Proton models registered after 9 July 2020. Current owners can purchase the N95 cabin filter for just RM59 (excluding labour). The aforementioned price is only available until 9 October 2020 as part of a promotion.

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