Upcoming Sci-Fi Game ‘Hyper Scape’ Will Feature A Malaysian Character Named Noor Azimah

Apparently she’s also a social media influencer.

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Upcoming Sci-Fi Game ‘Hyper Scape’ Will Feature A Malaysian Character Named Noor Azimah

From Pekan to the world stage.

How often do we see Southeast Asian - or specifically, Malaysian - representation in video games?
There are a few games with Malaysian elements here and there, but this upcoming game by Ubisoft will feature a character that’s 100 per cent Malaysian.
And there will be no #DoneClaim all from our neighbours, because it's even written in the character profile.

A Malaysian from a small town

According to The Star, ‘Hyper Scape’ is set to feature a Malaysian woman as a playable character.
The sci-fi first person shooter (FPS) game created the character Noor Casulink, whose real name is Noor Azimah binti Yusof and hails from Pekan, Pahang.
Some of Noor Casulink's outifts.
According to the game’s Wiki page, Noor is the “face of Southeast Asia” and one of the “people to watch”.
The 23-year-old fashionista is also a social media influencer, who does online streaming for a living.
“Noor Azimah binti Yusof is a bright and stylish new light in the world of Crown Rush streaming,” the page said.
Why her avatar profile picture like that lah bro...
The ‘Hyper Scape’ video game is set in the year 2054, where players compete in a Battle Royale-format virtual world for a chance to win fame and fortune.
You can now play the beta testing version of the game for free on your PC. Click here to play.
The game is expected to be available on other consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One soon.

Who else is making Noor Casulink their character of choice when the game comes out? 

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