Malaysia Boleh: Three Malaysian Singers Nominated For Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards

Let's win this!

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Malaysia Boleh: Three Malaysian Singers Nominated For Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards
Wikimedia & Facebook/Namewee

Good luck to the three of you!

It's always good to see fellow Malaysians getting the recognition they deserve, especially on the international stage, kan?

Well, this piece of news will make the proud Malaysian in you say 'Malaysia Boleh!'.

Gunning for victory

Three Malaysian singers will be representing the country at a prestigious music awards scheduled to be held in October.

The Star Online reported that veteran performers Penny Tai, Fish Leong and Namewee have received nominations at the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.

Fish Leong is gunning for her first win.
Leading the charge this year will be 42-year-old Leong, who received her sixth nomination overall in the 'Best Female Vocalist - Mandarin' category.

Leong - who released her first album in seven years, 'The Sun Also Rises', in 2019 - will be going up against formidable opponents in the category: G.E.M., Penny Hsu, Waa Wei, Joanna Wang and Faith Yang.

Looking to make it six.
Penny Tai, meanwhile, was nominated for the 'Best Recording Package' and 'Best Vocal Recording Album' awards.

The 42-year-old is the frontwoman of rock band Buddha Jump, and they released their new album 'BJ Shop' in November last year.

Tai has won five Golden Melody Awards prior to this, so we hope that she'll win her sixth in October.

Looking to win his first award.
Controversial rapper Namewee will be making his third appareance at the Golden Melody Award, having been nominated in the 'Best Male Vocalist - Mandarin' category back in 2016 and 2017.

This year, the 37-year-old was nominated for the same category again, but he will be facing tough competition: sodagreen's Wu Ching-feng, Wakin Chau and Chang Chen.

On top of that, his single "Ghost Island", featuring Taiwanese rapper Dwagie, is in the running to win 'Song Of The Year' too.

The stage is set.
The Golen Melody Awards was supposed to be held in June, but due to the current situation, it has been postponed to October.

We wish our fellow Malaysians the best of luck! Bring home some silverware, OK?

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