Concert Organiser Star Planet Suing Rapper Namewee For RM10 Million Over Cancelled Performance

That's a lot of money.

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Concert Organiser Star Planet Suing Rapper Namewee For RM10 Million Over Cancelled Performance

Rapper Namewee

Rapper Namewee is no stranger to controversy. It's almost as if controversy is his brand. 

This time, however, his controversial character may just cost him more than he could afford. 

Last year, Namewee, whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, was supposed to have a New Year Eve concert at Axiata Arena, KL Sports City, Bukit Jalil.

The concert, which was supposed to be called 'Namewee 4896 Final Call Countdown', was cancelled by the original organiser Star Planet on 13 December 2019, just two weeks before the event. 

The show went on
Star Planet is now suing Namewee for a whopping RM10 million for blaming the company for the partnership falling out.

We say original organiser because NSP (Namewee Studio Production) Entertainment continued with the concert at the same venue and date. 

Issues arose following social media posts by Namewee

Basically, what happened was that the company and Namewee had issues, and Star Planet decided to back off from organising the event.

Futhermore, the company cancelled the event space and announced the cancellation. 

Namewee, who was unhappy with the company's actions, got drunk the next day and went on a rant on social media. 

With a couple of million followers, the post sure garnered enough attention and outrage against Star Planet, prompting them to go to the media with their own allegations. 

According to Malay Mail, Namewee released yet another video, admitting that he released the video after he got drunk, but his allegations were not wrong.

Speaking about the suit, Namewee reportedly said that he did not have that kind of money.

"My nett worth does not even reach RM10 million. Furthermore, with the movement control order, I can’t even perform on stage," he reportedly said. 

Star Planet is continuing with the suit, claiming that Namewee has defamed the company and its managing director Datuk Alan Foo.

This may turn out to be quite a drama.

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