'Are You Adele?': Adele Shares Stunning New Photo Of Her Incredible Weight Loss

Hello, is that you?

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'Are You Adele?': Adele Shares Stunning New Photo Of Her Incredible Weight Loss

Is that really you ah, Adele?

Music icon Adele has been on a hiatus and out of the spotlight for about a year or so.

But when she posts an occasional picture or two, fans would usually do a double take because of her incredible weight loss:

Her latest picture was no different.

'Are you Adele?'

On Sunday (2 August), the Grammy Award-winning songstress uploaded a rare photo of herself on her Instagram profile.

In the photo, Adele paid tribute to fellow music icon Beyoncé, who just recently released her brand new album 'Black Is King'.

“Thank you Queen for always making us all feel so loved through your art,” the 32-year-old wrote.

Here's the picture:

Adele, is that you?
The picture shows a healthy and make up-free Adele with her flowing blond locks sitting in front of a television.

Naturally, fans were stunned by Adele's transformation, with some sharing disbelief over the dramatic weight loss.

In fact, barely a day after the picture was posted, it has raked up more than 3.9 million likes and 40,000 comments.

"This person gonna have to sing as proof before I believe she Adele," an Instagram user commented.

"Who is this?? Adele's aunty?!," another fan said.

5 ciders in 👌🏻

A post shared by Adele (@adele) on

Over the past few months, the 32-year-old has been sharing photos of her amazing transformation.

At first, fans were concerned about her wellbeing, as her weight loss has been pretty drastic, considering she's been out of the limelight for just a short period of time.

According to Daily Mail UK, the "Someone Like You" singer reportedly lost 44kg, but she owed it a special 1,000 calorie-a-day diet and regular exercise.

Adele stunned fans when she appeared leaner and healthier in a photo posted on her 32nd birthday in May:

Whatever it is, she looks gorgeous and healthy. You do you, Adele.

PS: Please drop your new album soon, we miss you, Queen Adele!

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