Pinkfong Launches New Show ‘Wonderstar’ And You Can Catch It Now On Astro

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Pinkfong Launches New Show ‘Wonderstar’ And You Can Catch It Now On Astro
Astro Ceria

Pinkfong will be meeting a new friend soon.

Remember the whole ‘Baby Shark’ phenomenon a few years back?
The song may still be popular up until today (and a little overplayed, to be honest) and as a results, kids love everything made by Pinkfong.
Pinkfong is now back with a brand new show ‘’Pinkfong Wonderstar’ which debuts on 6 August, every Thursday and Friday, 12pm on Astro Ceria HD (Astro CH 611) and Astro Ceria (Astro CH 631).

The show tells the tale of Pinkfong, who crashes into the roof of a house in Wonderville, and finds the perfect best friend and problem-solving partner, Hogi.
Pinfkong’s magic, endless enthusiasm and Hogi’s encyclopedic knowledge inspire them to open ‘Wonderstar’, a problem-solving service for the townspeople of Wonderville - and beyond.
This show will also be the first time that it’ll be dubbed in Malay including its catchy songs!
Plus, you can stand a chance to win awesome prizes by tuning into the show.

Astro Ceria and NJOI are holding a special giveaway from 6th August to 23rd September 2020. Fans should follow @AstroCeria and @Pinkfong.Malaysia on Instagram for more info and updates!

So mark your calendars, and make sure you’re tuned in every week!

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